Youtube Privacy Violation By CrazeenydriverNyc Channel

YouTube Privacy Violation
High on drugs at work?

Youtube Privacy Violation eBay Motors top rated seller Hubcapjoes has yet another YouTube channel called Crazeenydrivernyc where he recently made a video exposing a YouTuber’s private emails to the public. This guy is known as Joseph DeMarco. The Youtube Privacy Violation policy states if you violate it you are removed from YouTube, however according to Pricewars of YouTube Joseph DeMarco may be working with someone at YouTube because he seems to be getting special treatment because flagging his content does no good. We think someone at eBay Inc may have YouTube moderator access that is protecting this cyber bully from account sanctions. This man has been tormenting users and slandering Ebayisajoke for years. He posts websites stating that Ebayisajoke is involved in Social Security fraud and also puts “stalker” pages on his business website which he recently removed due to a call in show at eBay radio he appeared on. He had to remove the page from his website so that eBay wouldn’t see it.

This man needs to be removed from the YouTube community, he is also very dangerous in my opinion and needs to be stopped. He even appears in my opinion to be high on drugs in the photo above while he’s at work at 90 Kinderkamack rd, Oradell NJ. Crazeenydriver continues to label Ebayisajoke as a stalker and bully because Ebayisajoke told everyone on YouTube what he sold on eBay and revealed his shady seller past negative feedback. Crazeenydriver has admitted on video he will stop at nothing to make sure Ebayisajoke is behind bars. The video evidence showing crazeenydrivernyc disclosing personal private YouTube emails from youtube user Pricewars is a perfect example of the tormenting this guy does with people. If I was YouTube I would remove this person from the community. And this person can’t be trusted in business.

Youtube Privacy Violation Video by Pricewars