YouTube Cyberstalker Spokonzaga Threatens Ebayisajoke

Spokonzaga Youtube Cyberstalker

YouTube Cyberstalker and eBay Seller Spokonzaga Pete threatens well-known Critic and web site blogger Ebayisajoke with physical harm in his rant video. Spokonzaga Pete claims Ebayisajoke is hurting his family, how I just don’t know, but that’s what he claims. This person has been harassing Ebayisajoke on YouTube for over a year and when he doesn’t get what he wants or something doesn’t go his way he makes a YouTube video rant about it threatening and slandering eBay critic Ebayisajoke. You can see just how evil he looks in the photo above. Spokonzaga is Insane In The Membrane and we think he may be affiliated with Lithium Technologies, eBay Inc or PayPal. His shill like actions on YouTube give him away. He says that because Ebayisajoke was on local news that he’s a criminal when no criminal activity was ever introduced in any of the video pieces by Rob Wolchek who got his information from eBay corporate shills, and never bothered to interview eBay Inc or Ebayisajoke.

The video below shows the YouTube cyberstalker is nothing but a blowhard. Spokonzaga claims that he’s going make an example of us. Apparently he’s now going after Doc of eBay Motors Sucks and others on YouTube that support Ebayisajoke. Spokonzaga says if the authorities won’t do anything he’s going to take matters into his own hands. Spokonzaga likes to use talking points to brainwash his subscribers into believing his claims.

We think that Spokonzaga and Jason DeCanio may also be responsible for sending fake magazine subscriptions to Ebayisajoke’s residence which is mail fraud and identity theft. A complaint has been provided to the Michigan Canton Police department. Spokonzaga and Jason Decanio may be selling with stealth accounts on eBay and because Ebayisajoke has exposed these individuals they tried to run a smear campaign in order to discredit an eBay critic.

YouTube Cyberstalker Spokonzaga

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Doc responds to Spokonzaga:

Podcast about YouTube Cyberstalker:

Proof that Spokonzaga uses stealth:

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