YouTube Cyberbully Hubcapjoes Endorsed by eBay Community

HubcapjoesYouTube Cyberbully Hubcapjoes #stalker has been endorsed by the #bullying eBay Community to target and abuse former sellers’s and critics of eBay Inc. YouTube Cyberbullying and Racketeering charges should be brought against business executives of eBay when they allow their employees or YouTube spokespeople like Hubcapjoes to cyberbully, #harassment stalk and locally target members by asking YouTubers to help make false reports on people at their place of employment, and by following them to find out where they live and go. The former users of eBay that expose eBay’s abusive behavior are called Critics. Critics sometimes release important Information about an abusive company to expose wrongdoings that maybe the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should investigate.

Crazeenydriver of YouTube

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan

eBay Policy in 2018 is to School Buyers when they want a refund

These crimes may have an adverse effect on a company’s stock performance. This sort of abuse can also be refereed to as being a form of Corporate Gang Stalking. Is Corporate Gang Stalking good for business at eBay? Not really, while the eCommerce giant tries to improve their trust and reputation, they are taking three steps back by allowing Hubcapjoes to abuse the eBay Community like he’s doing. When they use people like Crazeenydriver aka Hubcapjoes (Joseph De Marco) to terrorize and victimize private citizens eBay’s Trust & Safety gets worse and worse.

YouTube Cyberbully Crazeenydriver

Hubcapjoes has been abusing Critics now for over four years by posting videos on YouTube and now to the extent of doxing and harassing employers. When eBayisajoke exposed who he was back in 2013, he was doing videos talking about how he gives buyers a “Bully Beatdown”, when they call him and request a refund or a return he gives them a hard time over it. Many know this is troublesome for eCommerce and eBay Inc but don’t realize it’s much worse than imagined. Hubcapjoes seller feedback history paints a complete picture but eBay really doesn’t care. Hubcapjoes is a parasite and bugs must be crushed.

YouTube Cyberbully Witness

Keith Detwiler Spills the Beans on Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver

I was stalked online and at my house by Hubcapjoes from people he sent to follow and spy on me and I’m still a victim of his online harassment. He made many YouTube channels about me and eBay sits on their hands. – Keith Detwiler, Marietta Georgia