Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Decanio Threatens Youtubers

Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Paul Decanio threatens Youtubers with flagging their accounts. He continues to harass, cyberstalk, and bully people on YouTube by flagging and their channels. His main YouTube channel is The Queens New Yorker where he’s trying to earn money from YouTube’s Adsense program. His channels get no subscribers and no video views because he reads off the internet during his videos to earn revenue on someone else’s work. We call this SPAM. Jason Paul DeCanio may have a rap sheet a mile long my friends. He has always been in trouble in life not only with his friends and family but also with the men in blue. A police report has been filed on him in Michigan for possible US Mail Fraud. Jason Paul Decanio of Oviedo Florida works at Walgreens as a customer service representative so he certainly knows where to find his lube of choice.

In the video below we have proof from Jason’s himself in which he threatens three YouTubers including eBayisajoke with abusive language, and dirty tactics. Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Paul Decanio threatens YouTube content removal, harasses and bullies people because they speak out about him and his lies. He even holds up a bible and swears on it within his videos like a preacher. We offered Jason Paul Decanio a free month at a local clinic in his area for an evaluation because he keeps asking people to come and shoot him in his videos. His suicidal tendencies are an indication that his father beat him when he was a young boy.

Visit the article posted at titled Wallgreens Employee Going Mad Oviedo Florida. Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Decanio may not only be a risk to himself but also the fine citizens of the state of Florida. Jason Paul DeCanio has serious mental issues and his abuse will not stop. I am recommending law enforcement pay him a visit at his mom’s house located at 642 Britons Ct, Oviedo, FL 32765.

His mother and father may be interested to find out how he’s conducting himself on the internet these days I’m sure. Jason DeCanio should be placed on medication for his outbursts and anger issues. If you see him in public please don’t point and be rude, he’s just Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Decanio.

Youtube Cyber Terrorist Jason Decanio

Jason DeCanio Uses Another Channel To Flag Videos Again