eBay Motors seller Crazeenydriver HubcapJoes reveals XSS Redirect Scam exists and that buyers are not really safe on eBay

Cross Site Scripting XSSTop rated seller Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors finally sings on eBay Inc and reveals the XSS Cross site scripting that has been plaguing eBay Inc for years. Their inability to remove or fix the problems enables hackers to insert malicious code into eBay Motors auctions to phish potential buyers out of their eBay and PayPal information so that they can list fake vehicle auctions from their accounts hiding under the radar of eBay in order to defraud hundreds of thousands of people out of their money.

HubcapJoes AKA “Crazeenydriver” of youtube released a video today September 26th 2014 about the vicious scams and claimed and I quote “XSS is not a serious problem”, which is not a true statement. Could Joseph DeMarco be doing damage control for eBay Inc or could he just be trying to warn buyers of eBay Motors to stay away? You be the judge.

XSS Cross Site Scripting

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You can find many articles on eBay Motors XSS Cross Site Scripting Scams here at eBay Motors Sucks written by the Car Doctor. He has documented many vehicle listing scams on eBay In and advises never to use eBay Inc to buy a vehicle. Refer to his website for buying a used car he will give you the information you need so that you don’t get scammed.

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