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The Fox 2 News Detroit Hall of Shame article by Robert Wolcheck pulls the mask off ‘Internet Bully’ is Falsified Propaganda. The article about the Michigan man and self proclaimed eBay Critic was a fake news story concocted by an eBay Top Rated Niche volume Hubcap seller named Hubcapjoes aka Joseph Demarco produced by Fox 2 News Detroit WKBD-TV. bully unmasked rob wolchekHubcapjoes the Animal Abuser and Bad Businessman of Oradell New Jersey lives at 321 Pine St Haworth New Jersey and His Shop is located at 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell New Jersey. Top eBay Sellers get search priority for products they list for going against online Critics like Charles Fitch and eBayMotorsSucks Ed Koon by Doxing them and filing false complaints with their Employers.

  • Ebay-hating troll named as Charles ‘Chuck’ Fitch Never Placed Bids to hurt anyone’s feedback
  • Fox 2 News Detroit Reporter Rob Wolchek was pushed by Joe Demarco to do the Fake News Story
  • Critic calls himself Ebayisajoke and never harassed or bullied any eBay Sellers
  • eBayisajoke posts videos promoting Amazon services while exposing eBay and PayPal dirty policies
  • Critic refused to comment when approached because of tabloid fake news journalism

bully unmasked rob wolchek

eBay Seller Caught Bullying Michigan Man

I will not stop until Justice is served and Charles Fitch is in Jail, I have someone to upload videos or I will upload videos everyday, I will keep uploading.

Hubcapjoes admits He’s Paid Off

Dishonest eBay Seller Crazeenydriver

Witness Talks About Hubcapjoes Bullying

Keith Allen Detwiler, a YouTuber channel named Biz Hacks came out about Joe Demarco and eBay and explains how he’s been Cyberstalked and Threatened by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes.

bully unmasked rob wolchek

This is important testimony that would impeach Keith Detwiler when he’s in court to try and charge Charles Fitch. The YouTuber doesn’t seem to know what side he wants to be on so we have documented his past videos proving that Joe Demarco has bullied, harassed and stalked people. Biz Hacks is currently making New Abusive Channels for Joe Demarco AKA Crazeenydriver in order to help the eBay seller commit Social Media Racketeering.

Tommy Watson on Gang Stalking

Former Targeted Individual (TI) or Gang Stalking victim Tommy Watson of YouTube speaks out about how gang stalking works because he was once stalked and his public reputation tarnished by his stalkers. Tommy Watson sheds light for us on how it works, and how they try and make the victim seem delusional as Hubcapjoes would put it when he talks about Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan. If you think eBay Inc and sellers like Hubcapjoes have targeted you personally please email for an interview.

Feedback Before Hidden by eBay
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