eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Sick With The Wine Flu and Almost Dead from Returns

wine flueBay Hubcapjoes Sick With The Wine Flu and Almost Dead but drinking too much wine isn’t his problem nowadays it’s eBay critics. The Gang Stalker known as the eBay YouTube Fanboy Crazeenydriver does yet another video talking about his many eBay returns. He’s being heavily weighted down with buyers that just don’t like this guy from seeing him on YouTube harass and bully eBay Critics. Buyer’s of Hubcapjoes have been making purchases from him all over the country than sending back the items for a refund to get under his skin. He continues to call eBay after each return or SNAD complaint to get the negative feedback removed from his record before it can be seen. Many small sellers are not afforded this option when they are also confronted with abusive testy buyers which is why it’s time for eBay to do away with badges, stars, feedback pages, and green dots, making eBay a level playing field for ALL sellers and not just to favour the Top Rated or larger ones. Hubcapjoes loves to torment and dox his eBay critics but it looks like his buyers are tormenting him right back.

This weather is literally killing me, literally killing me, I cannot shake this flu let me tell ya..

It seems as though that old Voodoo Doll of Crazeenydriver is working quite nicely and it would be a great thing to see this guy trip over himself and land in a lake of fire. Is it bad to wish this on someone? Just like he stated a while back in one of his videos where he admits to mailing and calling my employer to try and get me terminated from my job by saying I am dangerous and that I possessed a “Gun”, so I don’t think it’s bad at all to wish on your worst enemy a quick trip to the afterlife. After all this guy Joseph Demarco is as evil as they come. I mean, he is really the Devil, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will have to send him to hell!