Who is eBay Inc

Below is a list of people screwing up eBay Inc.


President & CEO Devin Wenig

Devin Wenig Promised a year long amount of Glitches coming for eBay Inc. We found a website ran by non other than eBay Seller Hubcapjoes called eBayGlitches.com, a forum for anonymous sellers to join where they can talk about the on going problems with eBay Inc. Bravo Joe, Bravo! We knew you would eventually come around..

Some eBay Glitches Include:

  • Payment Glitches
  • Listing Glitches
  • Shipping Glitches
  • Search Glitches
  • Mobile App Glitches
  • Views & Watcher Glitches
  • Pricing & Best Offer Glitches
  • Markdown Manager Glitches
  • Seller Hub Glitches
  • Promoted Listing Glitches

What a embarrassment for eBay Inc. They apparently don’t employ an in house programmer, their just interested in taking 10% FVF’s from sellers getting SNAD cases from abusive buyers. The Sellers don’t matter and eBay Open is nothing but a Joke.