Weebly Privacy Policy Abuse Using Free Webpage

weebly privacy policy

Weebly Privacy Policy violates their own privacy policy on users by allowing their users to create fake accounts to post free web pages of people’s personal and private information on their site with no accountability. This happened to Ebayisajoke when someone at Weebly decided it was ok to allow a free account abuser to post a user’s name, copyrighted content, date of birth and address with a bunch of slander and lies to defame and abuse someone simply because they don’t agree with their views about eBay and PayPal on YouTube. Weebly Privacy Policy was sent countless requests through email to remove the abusive content located at charlesfitch.weebly.com but they refuse. Matthew that works for Weebly security refuses to remove the content without a court order. Would you trust Weebly? We now seem to think this company is a part of team ebay or somehow affiliated with someone at eBay Inc or PayPal in order to continue the abusive behavior. Weebly is actually accountable for the defamatory statements placed on their free web pages even though they claim they are not. Recently another Weebly page was put up about Ebayisajoke of which they removed which is appreciated but not all pages have been taken down. Were asking Weebly to remove all the content in question and abide by the DMCA laws of the internet. Their privacy policy states weebly will not give out any personal information to anyone about it’s users, however Ebayisajoke actually has an account with weebly which in turn violates their own policy and privacy. We suggest that nobody use Weebly.com for any website solution due to the abuse of it’s users and their private information. Weebly can no longer be trusted and anyone that is in the same situation should seek an attorney and file a cease and desist order against them.

Weebly Privacy Policy Video by Ebayisajoke