Wayne County Circuit Court Is Broken

Wayne County Circuit Court

eBayisajoke appeared in front of a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge on Monday September 9th 2013 for a Personal Protection Order (PPO), a court case that was filed against Hubcapjoes, AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube to show cause for online abuse, stalking, cyber bullying and harassment that eventually led to a FBI investigation. The FBI cleared him of any wrongdoing and their case was closed. In the Stalking and Harassment case, Joseph DeMarco was represented by Langton & Associates, P.C. which is the firm that news analyst Charlie Langton of Fox 2 News (WJBK-TV) works for and was founded by his father Frank Langton who is now retired. Seems as though Joseph DeMarco got free legal help here but may pay for it after all. Joseph DeMarco wasn’t required to appear in court in any capacity with his Attorney Brian Longman ex police officer of Utica.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge ignores the Evidence!

It appeared as if this circus downtown was granting Joseph DeMarco some special privileges when normally out-of-state defendants must appear either by telephone or online video conference but this court was not having it. Chief Judge Virgil Smith signed off on consent to allow Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News permission to film the case as if it was some kind of important trial. Rob Wolchek claims the PPO was frivolous but that’s just his opinion. The old Hall of Shame buzzard also smelled like booze when he confronted Ebayisajoke in an elevator TV ambush.

The Petitioner never received notice by the court of any media being allowed in the courtroom to film. We believe this was all staged to get Ebayisajoke to drop the Petition but he did his best and went forward with the case and looked good doing it even after all the intimidation tactics and barriers by the court Clerk and Judge were in play. “All this for a PPO?” says Ebayisajoke. Rob Wolchek has some sort of ax to grind for calling out a business owner in another state that abuses his customers on eBay Motors and lies to his YouTube followers. Joseph DeMarco loves to brag about his accomplishments while ratting out small sellers on eBay. Maybe some buyer will see this story and knock him down a notch. Hubcapjoes is no shining star seller as you can see here at Toolhaus.org which is a tool you can use to look up past feedback of Hubcapjoes.

The Petitioner did not give Fox 2 News permission to violate his public privacy and was not notified by the chief Judge of any written consent to have cameras in the courtroom. The Judge presiding over the case apparently wanted some tv time for her upcoming election. “Detroit’s Wayne County Third Circuit Court Is Broken” says Ebayisajoke. We call Rob Wolchek the Journalist of Censorship.

Catching Rob Wolchek lying to millions of TV viewers about why he blocked Ebayisajoke on Twitter. He simply didn’t want anyone else to give their side of the story. I called Rob Wolchek a Journalist of Censorship but most of my comments to Rob that day were sent to the cutting room floor. This is the story that bit Rob Wolchek back. I guess next time you won’t mess with webmasters.

This video proves that Rob Wolchek is a complete liar:

ebayisajokeRob Wolchek makes comments on how nice I look while throwing insults.

Wayne County Circuit Court

When Judge Lynne A. Pierce asked Brian Longman why he thought the case should be dismissed he couldn’t give a valid reason. “The petitioner here has the burden of proof” she stated and when Judge Lynne A. Pierce asked the Petitioner what evidence he had, the court didn’t appear to be interested in viewing it as if she had already made up her mind about the case. After some arguing by the Petitioner the Judge then took the documents from the Petitioner that were marked as Exhibits but would not take the CD Rom which held the actual video evidence of Joseph DeMarco making threats and admitting to having the Petitioner stalked and wrongfully investigated. She stated “he is allowed to do that”. In my opinion the court got this wrong and ignored the evidence and the scales of justice are really just scales holding bags of cash. Because the evidence was not viewed by the court we will show it below this article. The court ruled in favor of Joseph DeMarco (non appearing) and ordered that the Petition for Personal Protection be dismissed. The court also stated that it appeared to be cyber stalking but didn’t warrant a protection order. The court also denied Attorney Brian Longman’s request for lawyer fees and no Cease and Desist was ordered. Looks like Joseph DeMarco will be getting a bill in the mail after all or maybe eBay will pay for it out of their alleged black budget fund.

Court claims the case does not meet the criteria on stalking and harassment:

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Proof of Joseph DeMarco’s Tweets and aggravated online stalking:


For those of you that wish to make a donation to Ebayisajoke’s Legal Fund please make a substantial donation because not only will he be going up against the Hub cap seller but possibly eBay Inc and Fox 2 News. I have suffered gigantic damages in the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars because of the Fox 2 News TV spots aired about me violating not only my personal privacy but also my civil rights and therefore wish to be compensated for those damages. For anyone that makes a donation I will personally send you a letter to thank you and keep you up to date on what’s going on.