Walgreens Employee Jason Decanio Bullies eBay Critic

Jason P Decanio

Walgreens Employee Jason Decanio Bullies eBay Critic in Michigan by creating false Ripoff Reports and Complaints about him. Team eBay is really manipulating Jason DeCanio. Walgreens Employee Going Mad, This young chap really has some serious mental issues. He reminds me of the little boy in the school yard that always gets caught by the teacher for doing something wrong. Yes Mr. Jason Paul DeCanio we caught you being the village idiot. You incriminate yourself with every video. Every time you mention team eBay you give us more and more evidence of exactly who is behind everything. Yes your puppet master Joseph DeMarco from eBay Motors, seller Hubcapjoes is clearly in charge of what you do, and what you say. He has you wrapped around his little fat finger.

  • Jason Paul Decanio is a Youtube Copyright Pirate
  • The Queens New Yorker is a Bully on Youtube
  • Oviedo Madman Alert formerly outed as a Troll
  • Abuses Elderly retired people in Tampa and their Church

Ex-Walgreens Employee Going Mad on YouTube Now Works at Orlando Resorts Citywalk as a Night Attendant!

Jason DeCanio who now works at the Orlando Resort Citywalk in Florida goes to the extent of trying to hide his rants half way through his videos so YouTube can’t pick up on the cyber bullying and slander he throws against the wall. The Queens New Yorker is nothing but the “Queen’s Newest Porker”. He still lives in a fantasy world (at home with his mom), driving his old Cavalier. His channel is not entertaining at all, it’s a “YouTube Embarrassment”. He thinks he’s going to try to make money off his YouTube channel but that won’t happen because we’re gonna shut it down. Like every other channel he has used in the past to abuse and defame, we won’t let him continue with this one oh hell no. The video below was produced by Jason DeCanio on 1/1/14, it has been edited for time so you can hear all the silly garbage that comes from his smelly teeth. Yes folks be glad there is no “Smellovision” else you would be in a world of hurt.

We sent a copy of all these videos to the Silver Hill Mental Hospital up in Connecticut. Our team of qualified psychologists (Slambay and The Medic) has determined that Silver Hill would be the best place for Jason DeCanio Walgreens Employee Going Mad. They will be able to provide the best in patient care to battle his disease. We feel that Jason is in crisis and at risk to himself or others so we are prepared to cover up to 1 month of treatment. eBayisajoke’s personal video response will be added today after he’s had his Subway sandwich for lunch. But for now here is a message from our in-house resident Doctor “The Medic” Doc from Ebay Motors Sucks.

Jason DeCanio Walgreens Employee Going Mad is harassing the elderly and disabled in his latest video posted on 12/31/13. Just how can he stoop so low? In the video at the 34 minute mark he makes fun of Doc’s disability saying and I quote “You can’t look me in the eye, you have to look somewhere else. I see how your facial expressions and everything, you can’t look me in the camera, a truthful person would look that person in the face. Where a liar would look somewhere else”. This is just totally uncalled for and shows that this guy is nothing but pond scum. We will remove your existence from YouTube just like you’re trying to do to us.

Walgreens Lake Mary Florida

Jason DeCanio is named as one of the possible suspects in a Magazine Subscription Mail Fraud complaint filed by Ebayisajoke for filling out subscription cards and mailing them off. Ebayisajoke received dozens of Magazines in the mail and had to file a police report naming possible suspects. The investigation is ongoing and evidence is still being collected at this time. Jason DeCanio The Queens New Yorker keeps saying that Ebayisajoke filled them out himself and sent them to himself. How delusional is that? Below is a photocopy of the PD’s police report summary page. I have redacted the case number so that certain unethical news reporters can’t obtain it without a FOIA request.

Walgreens Employee Going Mad

Information for Oviedo Police Department:

Relatives of Jason Paul Decanio:

Walgreens Employee Going Mad
Jason still lives with his Parents – 642 Britons Ct, Oviedo, FL 32765

Since he loved putting eBayisajoke on the news and exposing his personal information lets see how he likes it. Looks like Jason’s mom needs to buy a hubcap for his car. Jason Decanio files yet another YouTube copyright claim on Naru Messenger because he can’t take criticism and the truth by someone who has more credibility in his small finger then Jason has in how whole body. How dare you mess with the elderly like that my friend and for that, I would like to say to you Jason that I have now signed up to a VPN and you will have me to contend with after that bullshit. Don’t cry and whine when The Queens New Yorker gets shut down.

Walgreens Employee Going Mad

Proof that Jason DeCanio uses YouTube Channels to Bully and Harass:

The accounts listed below owned by Ebayisajoke on YouTube were terminated due to Jason and his buddies filing false DMCA claims on various videos that did not violate YouTube’s terms of use. If you scroll up you’ll see yet more proof that Jason has submitted illegal YouTube copyright claims on videos owned by Doc of Ebay Motors Sucks. Those videos have been reinstated by YouTube and Jason DeCanio is about to lose his new Queens New Yorker channel for abusing the copyright claim process.

Jason’s IP Address provided to Detective Kelly:

We have proven that Jason Paul Decanio is a liar along with Joseph DeMarco, it just keeps getting worse for all of you so give up because this video and all the rest of the online forensic evidence shown above is more proof of your cyber terrorism. You tell people to use a VPN when coming to our sites, but most people don’t have to do this unless they are really trying to hide something. We have made you a laughing stock of YouTube, believe me people are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you. Please check yourself into a facility and send me the bill, as I said, I will cover the first month of your in patient care. We are worried about the workers Jason works with because of past workplace violence such as Postal Workers going Postal in Michigan.