User Data Privacy Breach at eBay Using Facebook Groups

user data privacyeBay seller Hubcapjoes has been caught posting information on former eBay sellers on an offshore website which may be considered a breach of user data privacy that violates eBay’s own terms of service agreement. As we know in the last few days the Facebook user data privacy breach at Cambridge Analytica has grown in the media and there may be new legislation soon that regulates and controls the use of user data that may be scrapped, transmitted or sold online to Mobile App Developers. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress to testify in two separate hearings about his company and Cambridge Analytica. Congress wants answers on what Facebook really knew about the breach. Will eBay Inc with it’s Hubcapjoes scandal also have to testify to Congress as to why top rated sellers are posting private user data of former sellers on an offshore website and not be terminated for it? Will the FTC require answers for eBay’s social media racketeering abuse?

  • 87 Million Facebook Users private user data compromised by Cambridge Analytica
  • Facebook information was shared with Cambridge Analytica to sell advertising
  • Mark Zuckerberg Testifies before Congress in two Hearings on user Data Privacy
  • Could other Companies like eBay Inc be misusing their user’s data
  • Top Rated eBay sellers caught posting private user data on former sellers to offshore site

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Testifies on User Data Privacy day 1

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Testifies on User Data Privacy day 2

user data privacyeBay Seller Hubcapjopes goes by YouTube user “Crazeenydriver” where he is earning money on YouTube as a partner to harass, bully and cyber stalk former sellers of eBay by posting their private information on his off shore website hosted at Telepoint Data Servers in Russia. This posting of user data privacy is much like what we saw at Facebook with the Cambridge Analytica data breach where 87 million users were effected. Hubcapjoes has been abusing former sellers from eBay Motors like Doc’s Quality Cars by posting his photo on his offshore website calling him a Troll, Stalker and Bully accusing him of being a scammer. Joseph Demarco led a private eBay selling life by hiding infomration on what he sold while playing an eBay critic for many years on YouTube until he was called out by Seller Critic eBayisajoke AKA Charles Fitch Canton Michigan for bullying buyers, making videos against eBay and PayPal while selling and taking their money. “You can’t bite the hand that feeds you every Friday and not expect someone to call you out on it” -eBayisajoke.

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Bullying Buyers

He then turned fanboy to save his business and threatened eBay that if they didn’t help him take out the critic, he would expose all the Facebook social media reputation management eBay performs on their haters. They employ a team called Lithium to create fake troll accounts to combat the ever growing negative bad press that shows up about eBay daily.

Hubcapjoes making fun of Terminated Sellers on eBay

Crazeenydriver YouTubeThe YouTube channel Crazeenydriver should be shut down for spam and abuse. He’s made many channels uploading abusive audio and video files going after and threatening the workplace of eBayisajoke aka Seller Critic. Hubcapjoes also uses others to upload nasty content to YouTube and we have been reporting his main channel for it daily. In the audio below you’ll hear Hubcapjoes making fun of terminated sellers on eBay. Small sellers were terminated by way of Wide Spread Seller Purges in 2013 in order to make eBay’s bottom line more profitable by getting more fees. Instead what eBay did was terminate good sellers. Some got their accounts back but over 90 percent didn’t. Making fun of terminated sellers in my book is a no no.

HubcapjoesAs you can hear Joseph Demarco aka eBay seller Hubcapjoes loves the fact eBay kicked off millions of users, he laughs about it and makes fun of those unfortunate ones that lost business and their livelihood. Maybe it’s time for Joe Demarco to lose not only his YouTube channel but his eBay seller account so he can feel what it’s like to lose a business like so many others did. This website was developed to show all the evidence we have on Hubcapjoes and his abuse. We consider ourselves the clearing house of information on our little buddy with the toupee.

Sunil Shahzad

Victim Speaks out Against eBay Seller Abuse