TV Theories Bullying and Cyber Stalking Critics for eBay Inc

Keith Allen Detwiler of Marietta GA Harassing local companies in Marietta selling fake covid 19 Masks. Keith Detwiler aka TV Theories harassed a Local McDonalds employee. The employee was a Black girl age 16. Keith Detwiler wanted the girl fired for not putting Cheese on a hamburger. After the employee was not fired. Keith Detwiler started writing bad Google reviews of the Local Marietta Mcdonalds calling the girl the N word. Keith Detwiler has a history of Attacking younger Females and Children online. Keith Detwiler in 2016 Attacked a 15 year old youtube Girl for playing guitar in videos. Bullying Children online is a serious crime. Stopbullying a Government website said if fitch is caught he can face life in Federal Prison.

Keith Detwiler threatened Local Fox news reported Greg Pallone with a glock 26 which was at the time taken away. Greg Pallone did a story on Keith Detwiler in 2013 for trolling and scamming eBay sellers. Ebay took legal action telling Keith Detwiler to stay off the platform or Face wire fraud charges. Keith Detwiler of course does not take his life seriously and continues to scam ebay using VPN accounts. Ebay is recording all Keith Detwiler’s harassing statements for upcoming wire fraud charges. Keith Detwiler works for Big Lots as a Cashier in Marietta GA. His own work place has many reports of woman being abused by Keith Detwiler. Keith took to the internet in 2001 trying to make money scamming and conning people out of money. That type of short end thinking only got Keith Detwiler in trouble with craigslist.

Keith Detwiler Responsible for Reporting The Queens New Yorker

Keith Detwiler used the The exploitation of women in mass media under a fake Car wash Named Marietta Bikini Car wash, Detwiler tried scamming the Models out money, also He stole the name from a local black 501 c that own Marietta Bikini Car wash. The Group raises money for black families. A boyfriend of one of the models came after Keith Detwiler for calling the Girl a Horror on his News2Go Keith Detwiler blog. The Black communities and all the local car wash models have stated Keith Detwiler is not liked for breaking the laws and exploiting women. Detwiler has to watch his back the rest of his life for screwing around and making bogus statements on his local Marietta victims.

Cobb County Georgia put a lifetime Ban on Keith Detwiler after making threatening statements to a Judge losing a PPO case against Greg Pallone using a Gun a glock 26 to threaten Greg Pallone a Spectrum news 13 reporter. Keith Detwiler is the biggest loser of Mankind and needs Prison Time for breaking many online laws and offline laws.

How to contact Big Lots and make Formal complaints on Keith Detwiler. Since Keith likes to screw with people’s lives we want Detwiler to know we are doing right back Fat ass. Detwiler got fired from Lowes a while back for stalking and stealing in the store. You want to play then lets play. All your co workers will see what you do to Black people and young girls.

Our Private investigators have found out that Keith Detwiler of Marietta GA goes to strip clubs gets big tabs and never pays the money back. One The Allure Gentleman’s CLub. The adult bar told us Detwiler owes a big tab of over 1400 dollars that has yet to be paid back. After looking around and following Keith Detwiler’s track record more adult clubs have come forward. The Pink Pony club located at 1837 Corporate Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329. Detwiler was ban for not paying for lap dances and sealing tips off the tables. The club bouncers claims he tried starting a fight over one of the girls refusing to give him a hand job. The ladies at the club stated Detwiler tried hiring them for a fake adult video production company Detwiler claimed to run. Detwiler was under investigations for running an unlicensed adult film company called “Sony film entertainment”. Sony Inc sent Keith Detwiler a legal letter demanding he stops using their name or face legal actions of 20 million dollars in damages.

Keith Detwiler has tried filming other girls with his cell phones at other adult clubs in the Marietta GA area. Here is another adult club Detwiler was Ban from in early June 2017 VLive Atlanta Marietta Strip Club located at 1271 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.

Many Of the Girls that have talked to us all said Keith Detwiler is a very sick man that needs mental help. We do not do charity work for fake companies. Detwiler is known for his local adult charity scams by all the adult clubs around his area. Keith Detwiler is not allowed in any adult bar or he can face jail time for his fake charity scams. No one would want to do business with a known scammer.

Keith Detwiler of TV Theories on YouTube told many of the girls that he runs many big ticket adult websites for dating. Some of the scams was called adult swim and Asian singles for hire. Keith Detwiler runs shaddy adult sites using known adult porn stars images. Some of these porn stars have talked to us about Keith Detwiler and all know who he is and how he puts together these scams. Keith Detwiler will put out fake payment offers of 500 to 1000 per video, after the video is submitted Keith Detwiler never pays the adult actors. One actress said this is a common problem in the adult industry and Keith Detwiler has many black market deals that has never been paid. Detwiler does in fact have Headhunters looking to collect thousands to dollars from his scams.

Keith Detwiler abusing amazon associates policy and security link spamming must stop. Keith continues to make harassing videos using his harassing websites with amazon. this is breaking Amazon spam and harassment policies.

Mr Detwiler Biz Hacks TV uses many emails to make Body Harm or threaten. using Guns images and video. Mr Detwiler is on Youtube under TV Theories

for over 7 years after Mr Detwiler was put on Spectrum news 13 He has gone on off the chain with his harassing. When Covid 19 locked most the world down Keith Detwiler sitting in his basement with 10 computers started making body harm threats. We are telling the world that scum is still lurking even in time of darkness.
Big Lots Employee
Address: 1355 Roswell Rd Suite 300, Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: (770) 565-6208

Keith Detwiler was on Spectrum news 13 for harassing people online. Greg Pallone was threatened by Keith Detwiler with that same glock 26. The gun permit was revoked. Detwiler was under a PPO from Greg Pallone. Keith Detwiler is Carrying illegal firearm.
Below is Keith Detwiler 2020 gray Toyota Carolla.

The man behind the Harassing posts. Yes Keith Detwiler we all know you love the attention and is a proud internet stalker. We now know where you hide. All published Locations of Keith Detwiler.

Detwiler’s pre-paid phones numbers, Last night at about midnight Detwiler made a video about me Threatening my YouTube account. Because I counter claimed all his fake copyright violations he wrote to YouTube and said my main channel should be disabled. When I made the counterclaims I had to include my phone number so I included my phone number at work and then last nights video Detwiler actually called my store live on his video. Now actually It was the middle of the night I was closed so he got no answer However my caller ID picked up all his fake phone numbers and there are quite a few of them so here is the list. We know Keith Detwiler also runs a store selling thrift items on eBay that was shut down by Hubcapjoes eBay Inc seller Joe DeMarco.

Called using the number 407-879-4224 Which is the number for Jason Paul Decanio in Florida. Out of the area. CORRECTION fake Detwiler as a woman aka vicky [email protected] Britcoins Ave, Oviedo FL The second phone number should have read (201) 262-0702 that one called me 2x All the calls came Late at night from New York. I have blocked Joe DeMarco but apparently he’s using multiple fake phones those throw away ones Image for post Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia. 701 Bonnie Dell Dr
Marietta, GA 30062

Marietta GA Police will not take action. His victims did. And we will never stop till you are in jail. How you like being Doxed all over the internet.

Email info Keith Detwiler
[email protected]

I want everyone to fry these covid 19 scammer selling fake cures and masks 701 Bonnie Dell Dr, Marietta GA. Other articles about Keith Allen Detwiler: