People in Turkey are Scammers Says Hubcapjoes

turkey hubcapjoesHubcap Hater Turkey Hubcapjoes says don’t do business with anyone in Turkey. Singling out a country and saying everyone in it is a scammer and doesn’t pay is a bit overboard. But we thought we would show you how this guy’s attitude was against buyers back in 2007. Nine years ago he was bullying buyers on eBay and not allowing them to complete transactions for his items, but the main reason is, Joseph DeMarco AKA eBay seller Hubcapjoes is a bully to Buyers especially the ones that want refunds and want to return his dirty crap. This eBay seller shows gumption when he does a video telling people on YouTube that they should ban the entire country of Turkey for being scammers. eBay seller and Bully Hubcapjoes has no problem displaying his old content even if it’s not suitable for the eBay platform and it’s community. Just like his “PayPal Stole My Money” video, he just doesn’t care about the eBay Community like you would think, no Hubcapjoes is all for himself and shows his mean streak very well in this video. I’m sure after eBay Inc sees this video they will make him pull it or remove the embed on it. “If you want to avoid being scammed by overseas deadbeat bidders on ebay here are some points to help you” of course Hubcapjoes claims to be helpful but he’s just a belligerent old fool.

Turkey Hubcapjoes eBay Seller Bans Entire Country

turkey hubcapjoeseBay Seller Hubcapjoes has been getting away with buyer abuse for years due to the many eBay employees and Facebook supporters he’s gathered to protect his account from appearing negative. Hubcapjoes appears as a special guest on eBay radio with Jim Griffith AKA eBay Mascot once a month to talk about his failing eBay business selling dirty broken hubcapjoes. Oh yes they just love Hubcapjoes for going after eBay Critics.

Turkey Hubcapjoes Bullying Buyers over Return Shipping