eBay Seller Hubcapjoes and Jason Decanio Suspected of US Mail Fraud using Magazine Subscription Cards

Top Rated Seller Suspected of Mail Fraud
Back in 2013, two men were suspected of Mail Fraud, eBayisajoke started receiving magazine subscriptions with invoices in his name to his doorstep. eBayisajoke does not order magazines and never has ordered magazines in his life so after receiving a couple he knew something was up then more started to come. One of the magazines of interest here is the New Yorker in which there is only one person eBayisajoke knows in New Jersey that would have motive to fill out such fraudulent magazine cards, and he goes by the name Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver on YouTube. eBay Motors seller id hubcapjoes Joseph DeMarco has a Hubcap shop in Oradell New Jersey and lives in Haworth Nj. The second person he suspected that may have something to do with this is a psycho man named Jason Paul Decanio of Winter Park Florida or the Jason Decanio Show. Information and photos have been provided to the local authorities and a police report has been filed noting the two as possible suspects.

Joseph DeMarco was recently in court with Ebayisajoke fighting against a PPO that eBayisajoke placed on him for online cyber bullying and harassment but because he lived in another state the judge dismissed it even with evidence in hand. eBayisajoke is investigating this matter and will make sure whoever is involved will be brought to justice. There is at least 12 counts of mail fraud here says Ebayisajoke, a police report was filed at the Canton Michigan Police Department on 11/4/2013.

Could eBay be part of this elaborate scheme to kill or silence an eBay Critic? A lot of evidence of eBay’s handy work can be seen over at Stopinternetfraudteam.comĀ and the video you see below further talks about mail fraud produced by the Car Doctor “Doc” of the popular car blog eBaymotorssucks.com

Top Rated Seller Suspected of Mail Fraud
Hand Writing Evidence of Mail Fraud

The individuals or suspects we believe may be responsible were given a chance to come forward to let us know who could be involved in the fraud and they refused to be interviewed. They were asked by Doc of Ebay Motors Sucks to do an online recorded public interview for YouTube where they would have been asked a series of questions about the fraud and they simply ignored the opportunity thus raising even more suspicion of themselves. Could they have something to hide? Do they not want to throw each other under the bus? These two individuals came to mind for a very good reason. Because they did not come forward to speak to us we feel there is good reason to continue the investigation include them as possible suspects in the police report. Some of the Team eBay players were so ignorant as to suggest Ebayisajoke filed out the subscriptions for himself. Nobody in their right mind would fill out fraudulent magazine subscriptions then go file a false police report, that would be against the law. This is just another typical attempt by eBay Inc Lithium shills and sock puppets to turn the story around in order to discredit the victim. Ebayisajoke has done all the right things here. He documented the Top Rated Seller suspected of Mail Fraud crime, he filed a local police complaint providing evidence of the fraud, and he is willing to see this matter through to the very end to make sure those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.