Top Rated Seller Impunity From Keyword Spam

top rated seller impunity

Top rated seller impunity Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors continues to keyword spam his listings using casini within his item titles to steal traffic from honest sellers on the platform that follow rules. Ebayisajoke noticed this violation going on a while back with his titles and ever since eBay has cracked down on keyword spamming, some sellers still do not follow the rules like they should. Many of the sellers not being sanctioned on eBay happen to be Top Rated older Sellers. Many people have been watching Joseph DeMarco of Hubcapjoes for a while now and while he occasionally does a crazeenydriver YouTube video about what not to do on eBay, taking his own advice seems to be the furthest thing from his mind. Could it be that Hubcapjoes doesn’t have access to his store’s eBay Motors seller account? Could it be that someone else is controlling the account for him because we would think by now he would make the necessary changes so that his account complies with the policy however you never know with these thick-headed New York city rats, they never listen to a thing you say and are completely ignorant of what’s going on around them. Maybe it’s time for eBay to guide all the rats to their appropriate torture device.

I also noticed that Hubcapjoes is trying to make a 300% profit on his buyers. We looked up an item Joe is selling for $40 bucks (one center cap) and we found a seller on eBay Motors selling a set of four, the same year, make and model for $29 plus shipping. Now we here at Ebay Blows are all for free enterprise and capitalism but when you’re keyword spamming your items, you in fact are stealing traffic from those sellers following the rules, thus violating the policies set forth by eBay Inc. If you can’t follow the policies then you shouldn’t be selling on eBay. We will provide you with these auction listings below so you can see for yourself.

Top Rated Seller Impunity eBay Looks Away

top rated seller impunity

Seller hubcapjoes, Item Number: 350941097843 F150 (1) Center Cap

Seller “hubcapjoes”

Seller vehicleownersmanual, Item Number: 111234899240 F150 (4) Center Caps

Seller “vehicleownersmanual”

As you can see Top Rated Seller Impunity by Hubcapjoes listing he is still spamming eBay Motors with keywords that do not relate to his auction. The Ford F150 and Expedition were two very different vehicles. One thing we can say is that it appears he’s following our advice about cleaning up his goods before he sells them.

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In this video above, we see another one of Hubcapjoes buy it nows where he keyword spams the title again with the words “Dog Dish” where anyone looking for a dog dish on eBay would possibly be driven over to eBay Motors. This type of crap cheats the traffic bots and plays havoc with the new search.