Top Rated Seller Doxes Buyer’s Workplace and is Crazy

eBay Seller Doxes former Seller’s Workplace

Selling and buying record of Hubcapjoes:

Notice how he goes after all the users that do business with him on eBay and they get a “No Longer a Registered User” status.

Seller Hubcapjoes doxing the workplace of an ex eBay seller and buyer Charles Fitch who he accused of placing bids on his items and not paying. This seller has now gone what we call “Rogue”. eBay has allowed this seller to operate on the platform since 2012 after he was exposed for giving his buyers “The Bully Beatdown” as he called it. Hubcapjoes also runs a YouTube channel called “crazeenydriver” and also “crazeenydrivernyc” where he doxes the Michigan resident. Going after his workplace telling them he is dangerous and has a gun!

There is a video titled “Why Charles Fitch Created the eBayisajoke Character” that Hubcapjoes and his pals at eBay do not like being posted. Matter of fact that have flagged this video on many social sites including youtube over and over using mass flagging teams from Facebook. Here is the video in case you missed it: