Hubcapjoes Caught Laughing at Suspended eBay Motors Sellers on YouTube

top rated seller abuseTop Rated Seller Abuse by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes, this guy spends most of his time laughing at Suspended, terminated or purged sellers on YouTube spreading Corporate Hate but soon that NARU Train may pick him up at his own station. Ex eBay Motors seller, and licensed Florida Car Dealer Ed “Doc” Koon from Doc’s Quality Cars did a great job exposing Top Rated Seller abuse by Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors AKA Crazeenydriver where he loves getting his competition or other hubcap sellers on eBay suspended, terminated or limited by calling them out on his YouTube Channel then making phone calls to his contacts at eBay to get their selling privileges removed.

Hubcapjoes admits he’s paid to spread Hate

Hubcapjoes is what the Mob would call a Rat Fink Snitch, and turning in other sellers for just about everything he doesn’t like about them is considered hate and what we call “Seller Interference“.  Hubcapjoes lately has been seen posting comments on a site called Doc further points out that Joe’s comments about eBay sellers are without merit or credibility and boy we know that is true. Crazeenydriver just loves to slander people online by calling them cyber bullies, stalkers, and criminals. Most businesses wouldn’t approve of this man’s tactics but eBay seems to love him and CEO eBay President refuses to remove this seller. The old saying goes “Blame Yourself for what You have Done”. Top Rated Seller Abuse and Conducting Corporate Hate Campaigns on YouTube Against eBay Critics and former buyers and sellers.

eBay Motors is protecting him the whole way. Joe DeMarco has produced over 100 videos bashing eBay and PayPal since 2007 but then changed his tune to become pro-eBay and PayPal to protect his interests. Joseph DeMarco then back peddled in an attempt to save his big fat ass from a big fat NARU but we feel it’ll be coming soon. Every Friday he brown noses eBay to prevent that NARU (No Longer a Registered User) email from popping up on his dashboard but it’s coming just you wait. Rats always get run over. Joseph DeMarco has a hubcap shop in Oradell NJ called “Hubcapjoes” and makes fun of sellers that were kicked off of eBay and laughs at them while boasting about his eBay carrier. His top-rated seller abuse will cost him his business. I have placed the video below that Doc made so you can hear his comments about Joe’s comments on Suspended sellers. Please visit for more great articles about car scams.

Criminal Stalking Doxing Evidence:

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

Top Rated Seller Abuse Criminal Evidence

top rated seller abuseThis is menacing and cyber-stalking, Hubcapjoes businessman in Oradell NJ admits in these audio files above that he’s already contacted my workplace and called the FBI on me. This man is dangerous, he’s already had me put on the news. Below is a copy of his Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions to try and have me terminated for a civil matter brought upon by himself claiming I owe him money for hubcapjoes on a news hit piece.

Also included below is the actual tracking evidence from USPS to prove the tracking numbers were real. What he sent to my workplace can be subpoenaed by a judge if I decide to sue Joseph Demarco and eBay Inc for damages. I have blurred and beeped out my Workplace information because it’s nobody’s business where I work and make my living. I have a perfect work record with my employer and a great relationship with my Union membership.

This really says a lot about a company like eBay inc when they allow their top-rated sellers to cyber stalk, bully and harass former sellers/buyers without any repercussions. Many sellers in the past have gotten Naru’s or account selling suspensions for such abuse on eBay but not this guy.

USPS Tracking Mail Certifications verified: