eBay ISIS Terrorism on eBay PayPal

eBay Motors Sellers like Hubcapjoes may be funding ISIS from New Jersey

Funding ISIS

Could eBay Motors sellers like Youtuber Crazeenydriver aka Hubcapjoes (Joseph Demarco) from 321 Pine St Haworth NJ be funding ISIS and Terrorism in the middle east using his Hubcap Shop in Oradell NJ? Since our tax dollars are being used to bomb innocent people and all sorts of militants all over the world and Islamic Terrorists we would like to draw your attention to what we call the big lie. Websites like eBay and PayPal are funding ISIS right under our noses.

The Washington Post writes, How the Islamic State Makes its Money for funding Terror. Air strikes against Islamic state also top $1 Billion Dollars, ISIS Militants kill over 1,100 people. There are many countries involved in the war on terror. Isis is the same as al qaeda and these groups are against the United States. This is like a New World Order Funding ISIS so they can be armed.

Isis says they are in possession of a dirty bomb stolen from a University. Isis is also willing to use old technology as well as new or anything else needed to do what they feel is necessary to kill people. Isis is literally a creation from the western governments. Clinton admits “We funded ISIS”. With new US President elect Donald J Trump, we know ISIS will soon be defeated. #Trump2020 #MAGA2020

This eBay Seller also goes after registered 2nd Amendment Supporters/Gun Owners in Michigan by attacking them on YouTube using anonymous channels. The seller abuses users of eBay but the platform has not taken any action so go ahead and make your purchases and send him returns he loves returns and won’t pay for free return shipping labels. Hubcapjoes Cyber-Stalks 2nd Amendment Gun Owners in Michigan and even calls their workplace and the FBI to try and get Union workers Terminated from their jobs. Hubcapjoes disguises his hate by doing “Public Service Messages” but really loves to incite hate against former eBay sellers like Charles Fitch for exposing Hubcapjoes as an eBay “Buyer’s Bully”. Joseph Demarco is a Dangerous Cyberbully and has moved up to Criminal Stalking and Menacing.

islamic terror

Audio file of ebay Motors Menace Hubcapjoes Blaming the FBI for not doing their Jobs Joe Demarco hates the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies because we think he’s been providing people in Bulgaria and people in Russia intel on New York City roads and Bridges. 

@DHS #hubcapjoes #tip Joseph Demarco has been taking photos of Bridges and Roads in New York City and publishing them on YouTube for #ISIS leaders and other #Talaban to see, this is dangerous for the people of New York, it’s alleged that Joseph DeMarco of 321 Pine St Haworth NJ is affiliated with ISIS possibly using ebay and paypal to send money to people outside the country. Someone at Homeland Security should check his paypal records to see if he’s also been sending money to Bulgaria or Russia. Joseph DeMarco should be placed on a #terrorist watch list.

Joseph Demarco admits to contacting police and FBI on me (Charles Fitch) to try and incite hate against me. He has also used people like Youtube user Biz Hacks to call my UAW and file false complaints. He claims “Many others” or “Hundreds of others” in my workplace have gone to him to complain about me which is not true. He’s lying and this is criminal stalking.

To report Joseph Demarco call the FBI Field office near you, and also notify Homeland Security at:

26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10278-0004
(212) 384-1000

We have enough evidence right now to have the Bergen County DA in New Jersey place charges against this business owner. Would you do business with a man like this in the community or on eBay? I think not.