Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer Hubcapjoes

Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer Hubcap Seller

Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer Hubcapjoes was followed by Pricewars because he sold in eBay Motors and had good video content on YouTube, then he found news of the Top Rated eBay Motors Scammer being nasty to many of his buyers. One day he asked him for help with a return from a seller, he had issues with and crazeenydriver said he would help him. Well Pricewars got no help from hubcapjoes. Pricewars noticed ebayisajoke’s comments saying crazeenydriver can’t help anyone and that he is a sell out and not to take any advice from him so Pricewars started asking ebayisajoke questions about crazeenydriver and he couldn’t believe what he learned.

Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer

You would not believe what crazeenydriver does to sellers and his own customers. The reason I was kicked off is because hubcapjoes on eBay reported my account to ebaymotors. I was a new seller at the time, I learned never to give out your seller name to anyone. Crazenydriver sells on eBay Motors under Hubcapjoes. After getting back on eBay from the help I received from ebayisajoke, Joseph DeMarco sent some of his YouTube friends after me saying ebayisajoke is a cyber bully and a scammer. One of those YouTube buddies of his was a guy by the name of Spokonzaga, we come to find works for eBay and may work for Liveware. Another spammer called Mattzolo on YouTube and some wanna be radio show host by the name of Jason Decanio is also on a mission to destroy Ebayisajoke. Joseph DeMarco runs fake websites about people from the information he collects from his YouTube trolls about them and posts personal information about people on websites located outside the country. We know that the eBay Motors team is directly involved with this Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer named Hubcapjoes, to scam sellers using feedback manipulation in order to weed out competitors of his caliber. Crazeenydriver eBay Id Hubcapjoes is a scammer and the proof is here on this website.

Top Rated Ebay Motors Scammer Hubcapjoes

Joe DeMarco is a ring leader in one of the biggest eBay motor scams with eBay and he is being protected by eBay staff. Hubcapjoe’s runs an eBay drop off-center we believe as well. He uses Black mail to scare sellers on his YouTube channel, Makes Video saying to make fake police reports on eBay sellers that compete with him, Joe makes fake FBI reports and puts in claims to consumer affairs on eBay sellers. Joe goes after New sellers selling aftermarket goods from China. Joe DeMarco is a scammer and will do anything to keep you competing or selling on eBay taking away from his profits.

Top Rated eBay Motors Scammer crazeenydriver complains about his competition in search

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