Top eBay Seller Hubcapjoes was caught cyberbullying other Sellers

Top eBay SellerTop eBay seller Hubcapjoes caught Cyberstalking and Bullying other sellers and buyers in a phone call released by a Jason Decanio of Winter Park and Oviedo Florida who works at Orlando Resort Hotels. YouTube mass flagger Jason Decanio is a Bully and has been fired from numerous jobs for cyberstalking coworkers, stealing credit card data from customers and terrorizing people online. In this phone call, he speaks with a prolific eBay seller bully that abuses users on eBay using YouTube.

Top eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

The dirt on Joseph DeMarco goes far and wide where we show that he’s been doxing the workplace of other eBay users by disclosing their personal information along with using a team of Facebook sellers to cyberstalk, bully and intimidate other sellers. We have the damaging audio file below of Joseph Demarco.

Hubcapjoes Abusing People on Social Media

Joseph Demarco has a YouTube called Crazeenydriver and promotes his other abusive bullying and cyberstalking videos on various anonymous channels from his video descriptions using links where he accuses former seller eBayisajoke aka Seller Skeptic of having a gun and being a dangerous person and trying to entice YouTuber’s to call his workplace to get him terminated from his union job. The only way to fight back against these gang stalking bullies is to expose them to the public to erase any respect or credibility they may have through public opinion. Hubcapjoes owns a Hubcap Store in Oradell New Jersey where he was just cited for various fire code violations which include but is not limited too Not having Lighted Exit signs above all doorways, no smoke detectors, and no fire extinguishers.

Business Complaint Information:

Bergen County Office of Consumer Protection
One Bergen County Plaza, Room 324
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Tel: (201) 336-6400

Business License Information:

New Jersey Economic Development Authority
Business Retention & Attraction Division
P.O. Box 820
Trenton, NJ 08625-0820
Tel: (866) 534-7789

Notify IRS on Joseph Demarco

Internal Revenue Service Local Office
1 Kalisa Way
Paramus, NJ 07652
Tel (Toll-Free): (800) 829-1040

PSA New Jersey Businessman Joseph DeMarco

As many people know when owning a small business Fire Safety is a must. This means being in compliance in your community so that your customers don’t get hurt patronizing your business. We know that Joseph Demarco doesn’t care about customers, and only cares about the buck he makes off his scratched up dirty junk. Hubcapjoes was recently sued in his community on many occasions by eBay buyers like Charles Shaw wanting to return his items for a refund because the items were not as described. He tells his buyers to read his listings and loves laughing at them, giving them a hard time over the transactions then hanging up the phone. eBay should indeed school Hubcapjoes by removing him as a seller from eBay.

NJ Civil Judge Granted Judgment to his Buyer:

top ebay seller

Hubcapjoes Caught Lying to Fox 2 News

Witness Speaks out about Hubcapjoes

Hubcapjoes is a cyber stalking bully on Social Media. He uses sites like Twitter, and Facebook to write defamatory statements about people such as former sellers like Docs Quality Cars that have exceptional feedback selling vehicles on eBay Motors. Employees like Bill Cobb and Roy Daves had the seller removed for attempting to lower the buy it now price on a listing. A listing that would have brought eBay $50 in FVF’s but Bill Cobb decided to yank the seller’s account for spite.