Third Quarter eBay Earnings to be Released Prediction of a Major Market Loss

Third Quarter eBay Earnings Report

third quarter ebay earnings

I predict that Third Quarter ebay Earnings for 2018 will be in the tank. The 2nd Quarter Earnings were under the tank. eBay can’t restore trust especially with issues like Hubcapjoes aka their top rated seller and YouTube Spokesman “eBay Fanboy” constantly using his YouTube promoted channel to cyberstalk and talk about getting UAW employees terminated from their jobs on various other channels.

His channel has been packed full of spam, or phantom youtube accounts posting comments to drum up popularity on the channel to give him more credibility. We have reported the channel for inflating subs and comments. eBay actually did better under John Donahoe. Third Quarter eBay Earnings will be a disaster for investors and shareholders.

In the three months that ended September, San Jose, Calif.-based e-commerce giant is expected to report 48 cent per share on revenue of $2.37 billion. This compares to the year-ago quarter when the company reported earnings of 45 cents per share on revenue of $2.22 billion. For the full year, ending in December, earnings are projected to rise 6.4% year over year to $2.00 per share, while full-year revenue of $9.5 billion would rise 5.8% year over year.

Third Quarter eBay Earnings – they always report Gain Never Losses

In the second quarter, marketplace GMV, which is the total dollar amount of items sold, rose 6% year over year. Not only did that mark a growth acceleration from previous quarter of 4% to 5% growth, segment also grew 7% year over year, topping Street forecast. So it makes sense that the management is so focused the marketplace business, given that it is the company’s largest moneymaker. While its other two segments, StubHub and classifieds, continue to grow much faster the marketplace business, they’re not large enough yet to push the needle.

Don’t believe the Hype though and the projections because eBay Inc loves reporting that they made money and their growing yet how is this possible with eBay sellers constantly leaving all the time?

Calculator Glitches not good for Devin Wenig President CEO

I predict that Devin Wenig is in trouble especially after allowing top rated sellers like Hubcapjoe post on sites like and air ebay’s dirty laundry out on his main YouTube Channel Crazeenydriver. This seller that has been abusing critics and former sellers of eBay Inc has put a nasty taste in everyone’s mouth in terms of how to restore or gain trust back in the community. I think the first step in restoring trust in the community would be to rid the platform of bad sellers.

Former Seller Speaks out about Top Rated Seller Abuse Hubcapjoes