Why I supported the defense of Kwame Kilpatrick against former Detroit Governor Jennifer Granholm

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I supported a man for Detroit named Kawme Kilpatrick. I did not have any ties to him or any affiliation to him or the city of Detroit at all. I just supported the man because of the positive things he did for the people and the city of Detroit. He was not a criminal, it was the people around him that were criminals. They needed a man to take the fall and this man got the raw end of the deal. Yes he did some things we can’t deny this, but he did so much more for the city of Detroit than any Mayor ever did and this is why I supported him.

The part that made me upset was the fact that former Governor Jennifer Grandholm stepped in and removed the man from office. It was a lynching by big government and an abuse of power. I felt the need to come to this man’s defense so I emailed the Detroit Free Press and told them I would try and raise money for his defense along with many others of Detroit because of what had happened.  This man was treated unfair by the governor and thank god she is finally gone!

Once the news started hounding me for an interview I deleted the blog and the PayPal account. No monies were raised and the trolls started coming! Trolls from the forums, trolls from woods, trolls from the hills, everywhere a troll! I gave a quick phone interview to the Free Press and told the reporter to leave me alone. I did not hide, I did not collect any money from anyone, and if I did it would have been legal. I would like all of you to look back on the city of Detroit, and reflect on the condition Detroit was in before Kwame took office. Kwame Kilpatrick turned the city of Detroit around, and also brought in business. He was going to be a bright star for Detroit. 28 years in prison is not fair for this man. It’s a waste of space and money to imprison the former Detroit mayor for that long when he’s unlikely to commit his crimes again.

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