The Death of eBay by Top Rated eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes

the death of ebay

In the “early” days it was simple to start a business, unlike today. When online companies get too big they start turning corrupt. I used to buy frequently from eBay, but PayPal caused fear therefore I don’t do anymore business with eBay. The death of eBay is imminent. PayPal wanted EVERYTHING under the sun from sellers, photo, driver’s license, birth certificate, whatever else, just to allow sellers to continue to move money from PayPal to a bank account, they claim it’s for security reasons but we know it’s bullshit. Sellers would get email after email asking for documents, no human seemed to care so I just let my PayPal account go to $0 balance, and haven’t made an eBay purchase in ages. I really don’t care to allow someone to steal my identity with such sensitive information. Along with all the Paypal corruption and fraud people out there agree with me that eBay is Dead. Even top rated eBay motors seller Hubcapjoes would agree according to the video below.

The Death of eBay by Hubcapjoes

From 2007 to 2012 eBay Seller Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver did videos bashing eBay and PayPal at the same time taking money from them for item sales. He continued to make these types of videos for years until ebayisajoke (me) called him out publicly to his subscribers. He called himself a “Hardcore eBay reporter”, supported people like “DJ the eBay Pirate” who used to speak about defrauding eBay’s account, seller, and shilling policy. He sat in front of this bulletin board for years hiding who he was, not showing what he sold until his friend gave us the information. He then began a smear campaign against me by publicly defaming my reputation and put me on the news. Now he is an eBay fan boy bragging about how he likes to get the accounts of other sellers removed. He even produced a video about giving buyers a “Bully beat down” if they try to file for SNAD on him he threatens them with fake police action.

Evidence of poor seller conduct outside eBay

The video below shows what he was doing while having poor feedback on eBay. He also calls people “stupid” and pretends to threaten the buyer with police action to scare him into taking back the SNAD. Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ says “he gave me lip and so he got a lot of lip back!”, also tells a buyer that he’s a “Prick”, also says, “I want to put the fear of god into this scumbag” and “he’s got no right to call me on the phone”. This is a pattern of poor seller practices and risk at eBay Inc. Now he has facebook group owners Cindy Sorley and PayPal ambassador’s like Scott Henshaw and eBay Motors VP of sales Roy Daves protecting him because eBay Inc knows he will sing on them if he gets an NARU for poor seller practices. They’ve been letting him get away with selling since 2012 while other sellers with long standing perfect feedback have been weeded off eBay for no reason.

Some of the videos he did in the past he has disabled embedding, but we have them backed up and here they are:

“Giving the bully Beatdown”

The Hubcapjoes Buyer Bully Beatdown

“Paypal stole my money”

Paypal Stole My Money says Hubcapjoes

Remember you can run but you can’t hide, isn’t that what you said to me Joe? (Enjoy your cake)
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