TelePoint Data Center Sunil Shahzad works for Hubcapjoes

Sunil Shahzad the owner of a Hosting front called Telepoint Data Center used by eBay seller Hubcapjoes to Ddos and attack Anti-eBay websites. This data center is located in Sofia Bulgaria by operator Sunil Shahzad who may apparently be on the payroll for Joseph Demarco aka Hubcapjoes and may possibly be linked to eBay funded ISIS Terrorism but this has not been confirmed yet. We know that the Data Center is responsible for a series of attacks and VNC Remote Desktop scams. Recently was attacked by a U.S. Data Center called Joe’s Data Shack by someone in Texas. Wet think that eBay and their Social Racketeering team along with seller Hubcapjoes may be guilty of racketeering.

Is Bilal Ashraf TWitter:@bilalashraf0992 also involved in Software Piracy with Sunil seen here, and connected to the hosting company Blue Angel Host paid to attack Docs Quality Cars and Charles Fitch aka eBayisajoke? The offshore WNDSOLUTIONS Telepoint Data Center hosts a domain for eBay Seller Hubcapjoes aka Crazeenydriver of youtube called chuckfitchscammer we can prove Joseph Demarco in Oradell NJ owns the abusive offshore Russian Website. The site is hosted offshore due to business laws eBay Inc has to operate under. If racketeering is proven here eBay can be sued for millions by the former eBay sellers Charles Fitch of Michigan and Doc’s Quality Cars of Florida. Sunil shown here has been hired by Hubcapjoes to work by spreading abusive video content about Mr Fitch all over YouTube using the account “Tips & Tricks” with an email of birdsblue546[email protected] that the FBI may wish to look at for Software Piracy due to the many web domains associated with the hosting site we think Sunil and other associates may be involved in more illegal activity such as identity creation and theft but it’s unconfirmed at this time. The Pakistan user can be seen posting on many abusive channels created for eBay Seller Hubcapjoes for the sole and explicit purpose of harming Charles Fitch. These channels will continue to be flagged and removed as uploaded.

Sunil Shahzad

What is Racketerring?

(RICO) Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Download

Hubcapjoes pictured below has recently been more and more abusive on YouTube doing more videos about Charles W Fitch doxing his workplace and making threats of Gun Violence towards him gesturing that he’s going to shoot the eBay Critic. This abusive seller is the reason why eBay needs more strict policies on abusive sellers abusing the private sector. This user’s account should be disabled ASAP before anymore damage can be done on people.

FBI Must Raid Sunil Shahzad And Data Center

A recent article about Hubcapjoes and his friends Hacking Google accounts of Critics was published just days ago. The evidence speaks for itself and we have placed eBay Inc on notice for this abusive behavior and we’ll seek compensatory damages from Hubcapjoes and eBay Inc if they do not TAKE ACTION AT ONCE!

Sunil Shahzad

The eBay Con man Hubcapjoes will have you believe Seller Critic AKA eBayisajoke is a stalker and bully, and placed bids on items and left negative feedback. This is the “Fake News” story they had concocted in order to get the News to do a story on the Critic for a smear campaign. The truth of the matter is, Hubcapjoes was ousted in 2013 for being an abusive seller to eBay Buyers back when eBay didn’t really have policies to govern abusive behavior, sellers like this took advantage of just because they had brick and mortar stores. And those seller’s got away with everything while perfect small sellers selling $10 items got thrown off. eBayisajoke was a character and a voice for the small seller. Let’s take a look at why eBayisajoke created the Character using the Guy Fawkes “Protest” mask produced by Doc of DocsQualityCars:

Doc Exposes Sunil Shahzad and Whois of Hubcapjoes

Evidence of Hubcapjoes Whois data on his Abusive Website hosted by Sunil Shahzad in Sofia Bulgaria:

Sunil Shahzad

sunil shahzadNARU: How long will eBay allow this seller Hubcapjoes to abuse buyers Below is a video of Joseph Demarco making fun of his buyers and abusing them, laughing at them and schooling them. This kind of eBay abuse in eCommerce is disgusting and eBay must take action on him by suspending his selling privileges permanently. Many sellers in the past and even now get suspended daily for actually doing wrong on the platform, so why is Hubcapjoes different? because he promotes eBay on YouTube and has connections with people at the top including Brian Burke. He uses the Facebook group to complain about his “Stalker” which of course is a con. eBay plays Hubcapjoes like a puppet and when their done with him he’ll sing like a bird.

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