Subway Lunch Thanks To Everyone For Buying It

subway lunch

I want to thank everyone involved for buying my Subway lunch. Mattzolo, Spokonzaga (flag his channel at all costs), Crazeenydriver, Neil, Moomert, the UK Clown that thinks he’s a video specialist and all the rest of the Back Street Boys from the Klov Arcade Community that I did not mention. Did I mention that Michigan Classic Arcade is back up promoting your various items on Amazon of which I will earn an advertising fee for because of you selling it there. Thanks for listing on Amazon guys I Ebayisajoke really appreciates it. I was so happy about being on Fox 2 news so I want to thank Rob Wolchek as well, and with all the revenue coming in from the publicity he sent me, I decided to buy myself a $5 Footlong today.

Thanks for supporting me so I don’t have to work. I really love you guys for that. Don’t forget to check out all my new videos that I previously uploaded to YouTube that got shut down over at my new video website at! I bet the Queens New Yorker Jason Decanio of Oviedo Florida can’t stand it but you know what we say, there is an ass for every wannabe radio show. I almost forgot NARU Messenger, check out the new Skype video I did with Doc from Ebay Motors Sucks about eBay’s new buyer protection policies.

Thanks To Everyone For Buying My Subway Lunch