Stranger Danger Jason Decanio Madman Alert Warning Winter Park FL Communities

Oviedo Florida Seminole County community warned of stranger danger. Jason Decanio aka The Queens New Yorker (YouTube), is an Ex-Walgreens Employee going mad that may be dangerous to himself or the community. He has been seen on various YouTube channels cyber terrorizing an innocent man in Canton Michigan. Jason Decanio uses another YouTube channel now to commit personal attacks and Photoshop images of the victim and cyber intimidation by giving out private information and also telling the man to come and shoot him. This fits a Stranger Danger profile of a mad man on the loose and it may turn into a serious matter.

The Michigan victim filed a police report naming Jason Decanio as a possible suspect in 2012 for Mail fraud by falsely filling out Magazine subscription cards in the victim’s name. The Michigan victim had over two dozen Magazines arrive at his door that he never ordered, the evidence collected and given to local authorities. The Mail fraud investigation is still ongoing and if anyone has any information they should notify Detective Kelly of the Canton Michigan Police Department.

Jason Decanio has been making alarming YouTube videos where he punches himself in the face, telling people to come and shoot him. It’s alleged that the Oviedo Police department has already been notified by a concerned citizen of Jason’s tirades but because he doesn’t meet the Florida Baker Act criteria at this time no evaluation can be administered.

Many people observing Jason Decanio on YouTube are worried about his well-being, that he may do something to hurt himself or others. We believe Jason Decanio is disturbed and needs medical attention. The video and audio below shows Jason Decanio beating himself in the face and telling people to come and shoot him. Should the Oviedo Police pay this man a visit? It may just save someone’s life!

Jason is now using Mixcloud:
Reporting jason-decanio @ mixcloud url: keeping america safe
reporting /jazzyjason39 @mixcould url: keeping america safe

Voter information:


Sedgefield Apartments
Winter Park, FL 32792-1918

Possibly living back home with mommy in Oviedo FL

Please notify Winter Park Police Department and call the Apartment Manager if you believe this man has committed a crime.

Chief Michael Deal (email) [email protected]
500 N Virginia Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Michael Deal’s Direct Phone # (407) 599-3272


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