Spokonzaga Pete Video Flagging on Youtube

Spokonzaga Pete Video Flagging

Spokonzaga Pete Video Flagging on Youtube is an Ebay employee trolling YouTube to try to do damage control for Ebay’s reputation by flagging all of Ebayisajoke’s eBay and PayPal videos. He is a cyber bully and stalker that has been hiding behind a false YouTube persona deceiving people into thinking he promotes honest and safe e-commerce, don’t be a victim of fraud. Spokonzaga Pete claims his name is Pete. He also claims to have an Ebay top rated seller account but for the last 15 months of him making videos on YouTube he hasn’t proved in any way he is indeed a seller on Ebay.

He is a troll and has a narcissistic personality disorder. Spokonzaga flags YouTube videos and appears to come off as a good guy on YouTube talking about keeping the internet safe but his credibility is lacking. He tells everyone to be honest while he creates multiple fake YouTube channels to harass and bully until he gets what he wants.

He is not the honest person that you may think he is, so we advise you to stay clear from this character because that’s all he is, is an online fictitious character that feels as tho he has the right to police the internet and YouTube. Spokonzaga Pete Video Flagging on Youtube also uses another main YouTube called spokonzaga Pete. He’s using it as a backup channel because he knows his main channel just like everyone else is bound to take a deep six at some point.

Spokonzaga Pete Video Flagging on Youtube

Spokonzaga has teamed up with the likes of Crazeenydriver and Jason Decanio who we also feature on this site as being part of a team eBay. All trying to protect each other because all are selling on Ebay scamming buyers out of items like vehicles, sports memorabilia and other collectibles. Do not conduct business with these individuals and please report them to Ebay trust and safety.

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