Spokonzaga Pete Goes Berserk For eBay

Spokonzaga Pete Goes Berserk For Team eBay and looks foolish..

Spokonzaga Pete
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Spokonzaga Pete goes berserk for team eBay on his YouTube channel in his latest video rant boasting that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or “IP masking” as he puts it, is illegal in business e-commerce and that people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for using it. He also says free email accounts and PO Boxes should be against the law as well. He claims he would like to legislate or lobby for new laws that would make it illegal to log into the internet under a VPN and that will never happen buddy. This guy wouldn’t make it up the first set of steps in Washington before they laughed his ass out of the building and shoved his ass in a Taxi to send him back wherever he came from. His video comes directly after Doc’s article titled “How YouTube Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying Begins” published on 8/17/2013 on the web site Shillbusters which was recently DDOS attacked that describes how Spokonzaga Pete is responsible for the very things he accuses others of doing such as hiding himself through VPN constructed YouTube accounts in order to hide his true identity.

Can anyone say Hypocrite? Does anyone actually think Richard has any credibility here when he spins like a top repeating the same message over and over brainwashing YouTube viewers with only some elements of truth, while at the same time sending digs to Ebayisajoke. Spokonzaga Pete lives in his own universe and stinks of dead fish flopping around in a barrel awaiting that pink slip that says you haven’t done a good enough job here now get out.

We busted his google+ page where he admits to working for eBay Inc.

spokonzaga pete

Spokonzaga Pete trying to recruit YouTube’er for his master shill plan:


By the end of his video you can clearly see that Spokonzaga Pete apparently found out by someone on YouTube that there was another YouTube channel promoting the information on how to get back on eBay as a seller after being kicked off. Spokonzaga Pete allegedly used one of his other YouTube accounts to attack and accuse this man of being Ebayisajoke. The paranoia is setting in, or the meth may be wearing off. Ebayisajoke did a phone interview today 8/19/2013 with Doc from Shillbusters.org and commented on the topic.

Spokonzaga Pete goes berserk for Team eBay

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Ebayisajoke’s response to Spokonzaga Pete going berserk:

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