Spokonzaga Pete eBay Shill Spanked By YouTube DMCA

Spokonzaga Pete cries about getting a DMCA Copyright Violation.

Spokonzaga Pete eBay Shill

Spokonzaga Pete eBay Shill says “YouTube Is Ignoring Me” and cries on video about one of his videos getting flagged and removed by YouTube for a DMCA copyright complaint. Apparently one of Pete’s YouTube videos violated the YouTube Copyright Policy enough for them to remove it on him however Spokonzaga Pete feels as though he should be exempt from YouTube rules. Well join the club and now you know how it feels buddy boy. The email address in the video can’t be confirmed and Spokonzaga Pete says he doesn’t feel as though he should have to submit the counter notification because it will disclose his personal information to the individual that filed the copyright complaint. Maybe YouTube wants to give out Spokonzaga Pete’s information because they have been watching all his online Lithium Shill abuse. By the way Spokonzaga Pete recently changed his Google+ information to working at “Mercury News” which ironically enough is located in San Jose California. Spokonzaga Pete has admitted to flagging videos in the past, so when your video gets flagged and removed by YouTube it’s someone else’s fault? you just can’t stand it and have to cry about it like you always cry.

Spokonzaga Pete eBay ShillJust face it, your main YouTube channel is on its last leg and that’s why he removed all his videos except for his latest one. Sounds like you’re just a little pissed off after we proved that you were a Lithium Superfan Sock Puppet Shill when we busted you with all the noise in your last video. Spokonzaga Pete the Lithium Superfan for eBay Inc just isn’t doing a good enough job nowadays at stifling the eBay critics.¬†At the end of Spokonzaga Pete’s video he claims he’s going to fight YouTube. He has been slandering Ebayisajoke accusing him of all sorts of crimes such as identity fraud, blackmail, phishing, identity theft, extortion for the last six months. He even does it again in this video and also claims that YouTube is making him become a victim and says at the end, and I quote “we just got to get rid of him”. Sounds like a threat to me. I want to also add that in the beginning of his video he claims to use HMA Private Proxy Network after claiming for months that IP masking is fraud he uses an HMA account and admits it on his video. Now that’s Classic! Oh Pete I think its about time you waive the white flag of surrender.

Spokonzaga Pete doesn’t follow his own Advice..

Ebayisajoke’s Response:

Update 9/4/2013 Spokonzaga Pete reveals his cubicle showing he is indeed working from his home and was using a sound file called “Office Sounds” to get people thinking he was working in an office. A childish move on his part when all he had to do is prove he wasn’t working in a cubicle. This still doesn’t prove weather or not he’ an eBay or Lithium shill working from home. He should establish himself and prove his name is Pete. He has also committed “New Account fraud” after getting removed from YouTube once before he has since created two more channels that we know of. Practice what you preach Pete.