Something Funny is About to Happen to Hubcapjoes

something funnySomething funny is about to happen to Hubcapjoes and he’s not going to like it. Joseph J De Marco eBay seller Hubcapjoes who has a channel called the Crazeenydriver show on YouTube is not going to think it’s funny when it happens but this is all the information we can give to you at this time because we don’t want to spoil the surprise. For the last six months eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has been doxing and terrorizing YouTubers and eBay critics by creating channels and uploading nasty video content to YouTube over and over, that has been documented here, and eBay has done nothing about it. Well it’s time for something funny to happen, and when it does he’s not going to be to receptive to it one bit! Many times Seller Critic aka eBayisajoke has let the cat out of the bag on what he’s doing, but not this time. #ebaynewsroom #ebay @askebay @paypal @askpaypal

Hubcapjoes will learn to behave if we have to stand him in the corner and give him something funny to chew on like a little dog! Hubcapjoes has been selling on eBay for years while bullying and harassing people on YouTube and eBay critics and employees at eBay Inc sit back and do nothing. They take no action to remove this abusive bully. They allow him to appear on their radio programs to continue to promote the company. We are now formally blaming eBay Inc for the actions of this abusive seller. Hubcapjoes will soon be placed on Administrative leave and his eBay Open Vegas pass’es has finally been revoked. No Vegas trip for Joey this year and that too is also something funny.

For eBay Open 2018 hubcapjoes was not invited back on eBay Radio. Griff can’t get away with having him on in Vegas, but Griff can sneak Joe on when he does his weekly podcast at Voice Marketing Radio to the 50 fans that listen in. lol

Witness Speaks out about Something Funny