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Social Security Disability Benefits Fraud Marietta Georgia

social security disabilityKeith Allen Detwiler mega abusive internet troll and YouTube Account Hacker, and eBay seller living in Marietta GA getting Social Security Disability benefits from the state because he says he’s bi-polar, has high blood pressure and can’t work, while he spends his days on YouTube trolling people and doxing them. He claims he’s bipolar and can’t find work due to other mental issues so he needs Social Security Disability. He sued the state of PA back in 2012 to get his Social Security Disability but Lost the Case 1:12-cv-00214-DWA-SPB (PDF). Here is the 2nd PDF with the Judge’s report and recommendation. ​He later sued again and got it based on a sympathetic judge in the state of GA granting his disability. Keith Allen Detwiler for years has been on YouTube trolling and stalking people like Charles Fitch and Ed Koon for eBay sellers like Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco for eBay Inc. Keith Makes threats against people on YouTube and runs Biz HacksBelow is a video that Keith Detwiler Made on Sept 18th 2018 attacking an elderly man down in Clearwater Florida saying he’s going to sue him and cause him hardship and trouble if he doesn’t stop doxing his information.

Troll Makes False Complaints to UAW

To report this person to Social Security Disability in the State of GA online click here or call 1‑800‑HHS‑TIPS.
This man hasn’t doxed anyone he’s simply a supporter of eBay Critics and has been attacked several times online by menacing YouTube trolls or Gang Stalkers like Keith Allen Detwiler seen in this video. The ridiculousness of this video shows how abusive this Stalker Biz Hacks truly is. The person behind all the online cyber stalking is none other than eBay seller Joseph Demarco AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes. Keith Allen Detwiler was caught stealing at Lowe’s so they terminated his employment back in 2010, he had to get work because they denied his Disability at that time before he filed the suit for a 2nd time and got it (They usually do). Keith Allen Detwiler is now getting Social Security SSI Disability benefits to the tune of around $1600 a month from the state.  He is a fraud and has nothing wrong with him and can indeed work for a living and should be investigated by HHS.

  • Keith Allen Detwiler Threatening an elderly man in FL saying he’s going to file complaints at the DMV to get his trailer registration revoked.
  • What Keith doesn’t realize is, this is not considered a motor vehicle by any state.
  • Keith Detwiler is just too dumb for the internet to think and form complete sentences.
  • Keith Detwiler this is Menacing and Criminal Stalking, enough to actually have you Arrested. This video has been downloaded for evidence.

Keith Detwiler Criminal Stalking Evidence Video

I can care a less if someone rolls you into the water and you drown, that’s the kind of person I am..