Social Media Manipulation used by eBay Shill

Social Media Manipulation

eBay shill Spokonzaga Pete of YouTube tries to brainwash his audience through Social Media Manipulation to force people into thinking Ebayisajoke is involved in some crime. Spokonzaga Pete has been on YouTube for years making defamatory statements about Ebayisajoke in every video he produces. Spokonzaga Pete admits to working at eBay when his Google+ profile revealed “Works for eBay” on it. eBay has a call center in Provo Utah. Spokonzaga Pete also claims Ebayisajoke has somehow hurt him but never elaborated on his claim.

We think Spokonzaga Pete is lying about his first name being that he has never talked about selling on eBay, all the while appearing to work in a cubicle using bad video and sound never showing the background which is indicative of someone working as an at home Social Media Shill. A Social Media Shill is a person that spins bad negative PR into a positive outcome in order to protect a business or other interest.

Social Media Manipulation Video

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We know eBay Inc has a contract with Lithium Technologies which is a Media Superfan company. Spokonzaga Pete Spreads Lies using YouTube and had many channels terminated for YouTube violations. Spokonzaga Pete is good at Social Media Manipulation and may indeed work for Lithium. Spokonzaga Pete uses recognizable techniques to try to influence his audience to reinforce his agenda to run Ebayisajoke off YouTube. Below are the top 10 tools used by professional Social Engineers manipulate people’s thoughts to carry out a specific outcome or get rid of a threat.

Top 10 Tools to Manipulate and Brainwash People

1. The key to truly effective brainwashing is to work at people’s most fundamental awareness. Shape them at the neurological level so they develop the faculties to take your input and call it “thinking for myself.” Enable them to stop thinking.

2. Limit any and all faculties for self-awareness and self-sensing. Destroy instinct and intuition. Actively and endlessly encourage external awareness. Make people dependent on your external input for as many decisions as possible.

3. Speed up messages so that the pace and rhythm of information is disorienting and visually biased.

4. Condition people to being bombarded with hundreds of thousands of signals a day. Teach them to attend to this stream of information and to call it Reality. Never let them ask what “reality” is.

5. Framing is everything. Decide what you want people to believe and make sure that any choices you give them are within a framework which assures you of your result. This is called the Illusion of Choice. “Do you want to sweep the floor before or after dinner?” Repeat this formula for economic systems, politicians, news stories, competing product brands and entertainment.

6. Appeal to the lowest common denominator. Make sure that all shows model conflict resolution of people with an emotional and intellectual maturity no greater than that of a six year old. Make it funny so no one notices.

7. Keep people passive. Encourage the Couch Potato Alpha Wave Escape Plan as the healing elixir for all that ails.

8. Don’t make people think. Their days are hard enough as is. Bypass the need for opinion making by giving people ready-made opinions. Do it as though you don’t have a conscience – they are probably too stupid to make their own decisions anyway.

9. Ensure that there are no ongoing storylines with meaning or purpose beyond immediate sensory stimulation. Avoid universal themes as much as possible. Make absolutely certain there is no cultural, societal or global story or mythology present that conflicts with the myths of comfort and consumption.

10. Never encourage responsibility, or so much as suggest that humans could be involved in co-creating their future and the realities in which they reside.

Liblis Comments by Spokonzaga Pete

Social Media Manipulation

Social Media Manipulation

Social Media Manipulation

Social Media Manipulation