Social Media Cyber Abuse on Twitter and Facebook by Top Rated eBay Seller and YouTube Bully Hubcapjoe

Social Media Cyber Abuse Damages a Seller’s Business!

There’s Social Media Cyber Abuse going on by a top rated seller called Hubcapjoe and his abusive behavior still goes unpunished by eBay Inc. This story has been reported at eBay Motors Sucks Blog with additional videos posted by Edward Koon on the “Suspended from eBay” YouTube channel describing the prolific internet bully Hubcapjoes as being the owner of an off shore website and two pages on that attempt to smear and destroy the reputations of a few good men which goes un-punished by eBay’s Trust and Safety abuse team.

Joseph DemarcoJoseph Demarco AKA Crazeenydriver is what we call a Passive Aggressive where he uses anonymous social media accounts to harm and destroy the reputations of people he doesn’t like or agree with.  Joseph Demarco might not show that he’s angry or resentful in his YouTube videos however we can see a pattern of hate and abuse coming from a twitter account that Joseph Demarco owns where he he spams over and over to damage former eBay seller Docs Quality Cars who had a great selling reputation on eBay.

Hubcapjoes Twitter Account
Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes Spamming Twitter with abusive Posts about eBay Sellers.

Watch the video below where Docs Quality Cars calls out Joseph Demarco and exposes the eBay Motors Seller’s reputation for being a bully himself! @reportbullies is simply a Twitter account made to bully two people and it’s owned by none other than Hubcapjoes, a current eBay Motors Seller whose account has been protected by eBay for quite some time now. Notice in the video Doc proves who the owner is of the Twitter account in question. He also proved that Joe Demarco also owns that offshore website and again eBay will take no action against him for Seller Abuse.

I decided to include this photo of the NARU train that’s about to run over old Joey. NARU means that a Person Selling on eBay is no Longer a Registered User. Just like so many honest sellers out there got ran over by the NARU this dishonest seller is allowed to keep his selling status simply because he calls into eBay Radio and shows up at all the eBay Live Events. It’s up to you to speak up against this Social Media Cyber Abuse!

eBay's NARU Train for Hubcapjoes