Silent Killing Techniques Wanting an eBay Seller Dead

silent killing techniquesSilent Killing Techniques have been deployed against former users of eBay by a Top Rated seller named Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes and his abusive friend and criminal associate Jason Paul Decanio of Winter Park Florida Stranger Danger shown with girlfriend Stephanie Breon. Jason Decanio is an ex employee of Walgreens terminated for stealing credit card data of customers. Two men heavily invested in trying to kill Critics like Doc from Doc’s Quality Cars and critic eBayisajoke for exposing fraud which includes phishing and payments scams on eBay. Jason Paul Decanio is an abusive internet troll hired by Hubcapjoes to create and use various fake YouTube channels to bully and harass eBay users to boost the online reputation of Hubcapjoes and eBay Inc. In the audio file below you’ll here the insane cyber rant of Jason Decanio (Hubcapjoes Associate) hoping that Critic eBayisajoke dies. Very Sick!

Silent Killing Techniques Bully Jason Decanio

Hubcapjoes Paid Associate Jason Decanio Rants:

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Doc’s Quality Cars Victim of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

silent killing techniquesThe abusive website is owned by eBay seller Joseph Demarco and linked from the Crazeenydriver channel on YouTube. The website doxes the home address and employer of former eBay sellers. Our investigation shows that Jason Paul Decanio has been hired by Hubcapjoes to possibly make fake purchases on eBay and Etsy stores to improve feedback ratings of Hubcapjoes. In the following video you’ll watch cyberstalker and bully Hubcapjoes (ebay seller) admit to having Charles Fitch Canton Michigan followed and put on the news and made to look like a cyber stalker by defaming him and calling him a scammer. My personal reputation was smeared by Crazeenydriver they call Hubcapjoes. This is just a small piece of evidence that he’s been Gang Stalking me. Even to this day he’s following me to my Workplace creating videos on YouTube to incite people to file false complaints against me in my workplace for termination. Joseph Demarco’s eBay seller ID Hubcapjoes should be terminated instead.

silent killing techniquesHubcapjoes is accused of Heading a reputation management smear campaign on eBay critics, one in Florida and one in Michigan. It’s alleged that this may be another black budget eBay job, covertly using autonomous user accounts, channels, ISP’s, Wi-fy Hot Spots, and even eBay and PayPal employees to carry out this operation to improve the reputation of eBay which would be a violation of FTC stock manipulation guidelines. eBay seller Hubcapjoes admits to being paid off by eBay Inc:

Silent Killing Techniques Abusing eBay Buyers

Keith Detwiler Michigan Google HackerPeople should not do any business buying hubcaps from Hubcapjoes in Oradel New Jersey due to his online harassment with people. Below is a long list of YouTube channels this guy has hired people to make to attack various critics and former eBay sellers that have exposed his dirty laundry online. Take note that to this date there are hundreds of YouTube channels made by him or his media spinners or employees of Lithium Technology that violate Youtube’s community guidelines on bullying and harassment. The channels listed below also promote hatred and violence towards Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke for exposing Joseph Demarco as a bad business man on Many of the “lone Wolf” channels have been created by paid helpers (B.O.L.O) Be on the Lookout for this man Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia and Jason Decanio of Winter Park Florida. We know many of these individuals are paid or threatened by Joseph Demarco the eBay seller to post abusive content for him.

These channels and user below represent violent repulsive content community guidelines violations on bullying and harassment and intent to cause harm with to Charles Fitch *eBay Critic with abusive channels that are serious repeated violations to youtube, content is not suitable for all advertisers and youtube audience and must be removed by YouTube. We have reported many more channels than what you see below and so it’s just a matter of time. This is a perfect example as to why you don’t do business on eBay with these slimeballs like Hubcapjoes. Thrift Store owner in Oradell New Jersey also operates a Bonanza Booth at