How to Identify a Shill Bidder on eBay by Hubcapjoes

Shill BidderHubcapjoes talks about how to identify a shill bidder on eBay and says that buyers will always “Dick” you over no matter what. He uses names like “Sad Sack” to identify regular buyers, and any buyers that ask him questions about his items he block or hangs up on them. In this telling video below, he can’t decide weather the buyer did a buy it now or placed a bid, but we know at the time the video was uploaded to his YouTube channel Hubcapjoes did not take PayPal he took Propay where most of his bidders were fake due to eBay forcing sellers to take PayPal by sending them bogus fraudulent bids from non-paying accounts. This tactic proved to be effective because Hubcapjoes finally in 2013 decided to change from ProPay to PayPal, and for that we call him a big sucker!

eBay Shill Bidder How to Deal with them

Hubcapjoes Trying to Sue eBayisajoke?

It’s been alleged that Joseph Demarco aka eBay Seller Hubcapjoes may try and sue Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke claiming that he’s been damaged from the articles written on this blog However in his latest video below on YouTube posted February 10th, 2018 Joseph Demarco claims his business is doing GREAT! This is another perfect example of an idiot at eBay doing “Idiotic” things. This guy provides great entertainment!


Hubcapjoes is a danger to the eBay community, he has been for years, and the handlers at eBay Brian Burke have not yet taken action on this dangerous cyber stalker and Bully. He owns an offshore website that abuses Doc’s Quality Cars of Attacks against the eldery and revenge cyber crime using various YouTube troll terrorists like Jason Paul Decanio (video flagger) of Winter Park Florida and Keith Detwiler of Marietta GA aka the Google Hacker. Other individuals are also part of the smear campaign orchestrated by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. Joseph Demarco is also caught running various abusive Twitter accounts and using free sites like Weebly and Ripoff Report to damage online sellers and critics. The show must end for Hubcapjoes, so help us put this dummy back in it’s case.

Examples of Buyer Abuse by Hubcapjoes

Hubcapjoes abusing his buyers:

Hubcapjoes Threats against his competitors:

Hubcapjoes talking about what a Nightmare PayPal is:

Name: Joseph Demarco
Address: 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell NJ 07649
eBay Seller ID: Hubcapjoes

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