Sellers Mean Nothing To eBay Anymore


By: lessthenfivedollarsmagicshop

A buyer stole a book from me this month. I sold a book to a buyer who claimed that it was not the book in the photo, however it clearly was the book. The buyer complained to ebay they locked up the money in paypal. I offered a refund to the buyer who danced around it and waited. Never got my book back but the buyer got all money back for book plus shipping fees.

This left me with no book and no money. Now try to reason with ebay, good luck you cannot even contact them without pulling your teeth out in the process. I have been a dealer since 1998 a power seller etc. Ebay has an awful support system for sellers in fact it might not have been a thousand dollar item but i was lucky I didn’t lose anything more than I did. What I’m saying is buyers have an early christmas at our expense just buy anything and say it’s not the right item and its yours for free, eBay will give you a refund and allow the buyer to keep the item and screw the seller.

There is no eBay without sellers. They make money on us not buyers if by chance we all boycott eBay they are finished and so are the jobs of the customer service reps which are 100% useless to us anyway. This is why people are leaving this auction site in the thousands daily. Another problem is, how eBay allows sellers all to compete with each other to the point a seller is listing auctions so cheap he isn’t making anything on it. I ask why do we even bother to sell here any longer, it’s a losing deal for every seller when they double bang you on both eBay and PayPal fees.

Its time to join the many smart sellers who split and found another way to sell items in a fair venue. I have been selling over at Etsy. It’s simple and the fees are cheap and I don’t get strong armed by anyone.