Seller Protection Not Reality But Maybe On Mars

seller protection

There is no seller protection on ebay, their policy favors buyers only now more than ever, and new eBay sellers should not be opening stores unless they know exactly what they are doing and their willing to become victim of PayPal’s money transmitter policies. eBay allows buyers to open cases on sellers before they communicate to the seller the issues they had with the transaction. Seller Protection Not Reality But Maybe On Mars. As soon as the case is opened the buyer gets their money back from PayPal automatically. Buyers can scam sellers out of everyday small items now and eBay doesn’t care nor will they help the seller dispute and investigate the claim. Sellers are at the mercy of eBay at every step of the way.

Buyers take advantage of the eBay money back guarantee policy because they know eBay is willing to bend over backwards for them. Sellers try to call eBay customer support only to be routed to someone in the Philippines that reads off a script and can’t provide any real solutions. Sellers are forced to give refunds because people like Griff are telling sellers it’s just the cost of doing business. Sellers are getting brainwashed by eBay employees when they attend live events.

Many sellers are now taking loses just to hold on to their business and many good honest top rated sellers are losing their businesses because of eBay’s purge or guardrail policies. Seller Protection Not Reality But Maybe On Mars. eBay’s automated seller monitoring system removes good sellers from the platform daily and many sellers are finding themselves out in the cold after selling on eBay for years in many cases. eBay is throwing shareholder money away so they can favor large top rated seller bottom lines over the newbie sellers.

eBay Inc shareholders are upset of these termination first, ask questions later policies. These type of policies are not helping eBay’s bottom line and and pushing away a new generation of buyers and sellers from the platform. eBay cannot sustain itself another three years if they keep operating like this. You must make the playing field level for both buyers and sellers, and eBay had a level playing field before CEO John Donahoe took over.

Seller Protection Not Reality but Maybe On Mars

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