RSS Feed Undisclosed Differences In eBay Store Features

RSS Feed

The RSS Feed feature is not disclosed in the eBay store features listing on eBay’s website. While I was doing some research on URL’s eBay Inc uses for different pages and functions I found that a Basic Seller Store for $19.95 does not allow sellers to utilize the RSS feed url feature to syndicate stores. Promoting your store through RSS or Really Simple Syndication could mean more unique visitors to your items each day resulting in more and more sales. Could this be a way CEO John Donahoe and eBay limits the sales of small sellers in favor of Top Rated Sellers? With all eBay’s disruptive seller policies I wouldn’t doubt that this feature is being covered up on purpose so that small sellers can’t gain traction on “Made” TRS competitors. Many small sellers with perfect feedback are getting tossed out into the cold like a bum sleeping on a wet sidewalk in the middle of winter while Top Rated Sellers like Battery Galaxy continue to get poor daily feedback and DSR ratings without any action taken against them. This guy has been selling with impunity now for over two years racking up questionable transactions and buyer disputes day after day selling nothing but broken junk. Is this kind of treatment fair for small sellers getting purged? No way but I would like to know what the red and blue color eBay store icons really mean?


eBay wants you to purchase a store to sell on their platform. I would want all the features or non-features disclosed to me before I buy something just like when I buy a car (not on eBay) I want to know what I’m getting for my hard-earned money. If I purchase a basic store and do not get the RSS feed option I am now forced to pay $60 a month for the Premium or Anchor store just so I can have RSS feeds and that’s not fair. I want the option of importing my store items to my social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Rebel Mouse and others. I presented this information to Doc from Naru Messenger and he produced a video below that explains more about what RSS feeds do. My advice is before you buy something from eBay make sure you know what you need, you get what is promised to you and most importantly you ask questions if you’re not sure.

RSS Feed Video by NARU Messenger