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eBayRob Wolchek Fox 2 Detroit News Hall of Shame Reporter for the Segment Hall of Shame and Problem Solvers filed a false abusive Personal Protection Order (PPO) on an online eBay Inc. Critic aka Fraud/Scams Whistleblower named Charles Fitch at the direction of an abusive eBay Motors top rated seller Hubcapjoes aka Joseph Demarco (Crazeenydriver) of YouTube, after Charles Fitch attempted to file a PPO on Joseph Demarco for abusive cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

The YouTuber and eBay Seller influenced the local reporter to do a fake story on Charles Fitch in order to smear and defame his public reputation. YouTube is also involved in various smearing tactics by allowing abusive content of Charles Fitch to appear on YouTube despite the continued reporting or abuse per the terms of use policies on YouTube. Reporter Rob Wolchek, his editor Lisa Croff, Joe Demarco and other various people have been uploading the Fox 2 News story (spamming) all over YouTube through hundreds of fake unverified channels in order to abuse and bully Charles Fitch.

The following court transcript of the original PPO hearing came after Rob Wolchek did two stories on Charles Fitch that made allegations that he’s a predator and that he goes after eBay sellers to leave them negative feedback which was later proven not to be true.

Joe DeMarco owns a Hubcap shop in Oradell NJ named “Hubcapjoes” and sells under the eBay seller ID “hubcapjoes” and does a weekly PR video series for eBay Inc on YouTube to further promote and shill for eBay Platform, aka “Racketeering”. Joseph Demarco and various other eBay/PayPal sellers have joined together in a Racketeering scheme to file false reports about Charles Fitch to the UAW and his workplace in an attempt to have him terminated from his Union Job.

Hubcapjoes admits He’s Paid Off

Rob Wolchek Audio on PPO abuse:

gang stalking 2nd amendmentThis is a Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment tactic that these individuals use to target the enemy (TI) in an attempt to have them terminated from their job or investigated and possibly swatted. The handlers Devin Wenig and Brian Burke at eBay Inc must be proud of their spokesman Hubcapjoes. The only way to stop Hubcapjoes is to flag the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel and remove the so-called yellow pus from the open sore known as eBay Motors.

eBay Seller Cyber-Stalks MI Gun Permit Holder

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

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Transcript of PPO Hearing 7… by on Scribd

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Transcript of PPO HEaring 7… by on Scribd