eBay Will No Longer Investigate Buyer Return Abuse Fraud Cases for Sellers

Have you ever been scammed by a buyer that returned your item and sent you a broken one back? Buyers on eBay have been engaged in Return Abuse now for years and the hot items are Apple Products and other high end electronics. eBay’s been telling sellers since September over the phone that they will no longer investigate any bad buyer return abuse fraud cases that sellers open at eBay Inc. Is this against the law?

This will most certainly be the final nail in the coffin for sellers on eBay’s marketplace. If eBay refuses to protect sellers from bad buyer abuse, it’s time for sellers to run for the hills and sell on other venues. Christmas listings will be down this December due to the Fall Seller updates and changes that hurt sellers you can believe that. It’s time to look at other selling marketplaces like iOffer and Amazon.

A seller sold an item on eBay that had a 14 day money back guarantee on it, the buyer opened a “Buyer Protection Case” and returned a used older item back to the seller instead of the original new item. An “Appeals” customer service representative at eBay told the seller they will not cover sellers anymore in this situation. The seller was angry and pulled his items and closed his eBay account.

Here is an example where eBay just refuses to investigate any issue a seller has:

eBay Complaint

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eBay will no longer protect sellers or investigate buyer return abuse cases and this fraudulent behavior is actually aiding and abetting the abusers. When you help buyers commit fraud after you have been paid your fees this violates Consumer Trade and Trust. eBay is no longer and never will be again a trusted place to shop. This not only hurts eBay but hurts the world of eCommerce to the core.

Buyer Return Abuse my Comments about eBay’s Policy

How to return an item on eBay: