Remove Ebay Item Listings from Google Search Results

remove ebay item listings

Remove eBay Item Listings from Google Search Results by signing into Google Webmaster Tools and placing the item’s search listing URL that appears in Google search of your competitor into the removal tool and hit submit. Cached pages can be removed from Google’s search results either by the webmaster of the site or by Google. When your eBay competitor lists their item wait until after the Google crawl has taken place usually within 24 hours because the Google search bot will not revisit the title slug of the item listing again unless the seller re-lists the item or lists a similar item using the same title. This is great if you want to remove your competitor’s eBay listings from organic search that may be keyword spamming already and it’s perfectly legal. You’ll start selling more over your competitor and at the same time he’ll start complaining to eBay and get NARU’ed for being a dick. Google looks at the page content, usually the first 160 characters of the page and decides weather or not to remove the listing based on the spam complaint submitted to Google webmaster tools. Make sure when you insert the eBay listing URL into the removal field, after hitting the submit button you type “Spam” when it asks for a reason why you are requesting removal of the page and the removal bot will remove the search result usually within 24 hours. Make sure you log out of your Google account so that the bot can check the request.

remove eBay item listings

In the video below I show you how this process is done. Many people don’t know this but eBay has given itself permission to hide listings in search results because of the mass amounts of keyword spam coming from eBay. Using the word “Hide” is just a nicer way of saying they will not include your item listing in Google search. When you type “spam” into the explanation field the bot will see the URL as spam and delete it from search without any oversight.

Remove eBay Item Listings How To Video

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