eBay Public Relations Director Hubcapjoes

public relations directoreBay’s Official Public Relations Director Hubcapjoes caught with abusive YouTube channels by Doc’s Quality Cars. He also sells on eBay under the user ID Hubcapjoes. Doc shows proof of his abuse on YouTube outside the eBay platform of Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes pretending to be eBay’s Public Relations Director on YouTube under the channel name of Crazeenydriver. Hubcapjoes has targeted eBay critics for abuse using YouTube, Facebook and other social media with the help of other eBay Pickers and Thrifters. Hubcapjoes isn’t acting alone, he’s using third parties which include other eBay sellers to upload his abusive content. Doc will show you proof of the top rated sellers abuse and YouTube privacy violations including bullying and harassment but the eBay Liason working at YouTube in the accounts reporting department will not give the ok to terminate the top rated seller’s Main Channel despite the hundreds of abuse complaints that were filed on Hubcap Joe in many previous months and in 2018. How long will eBay let one of their own continue to abuse people outside of eBay.com The YouTuber Crazeenydriver who’s also known as Joseph Demarco (Former Bag Boy of a Grocery Store in Manhattan) has been boasting about his online sales and success for years while attacking other sellers’s listings. The eBay Buyer community should put a stop to this New Jersey Mad Man and allow him to once again be a “New Jersey Bag Man”.

eBay’s Official Public Relations Director Busted

Public Relations Director

eBay Corporate GovernanceWe’ve been reporting on this Seller for quite sometime now of which admits getting free “Stuff” for abusing former sellers and critics. His name is Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes. One former eBay car seller known as Doc’s Quality Cars (Retired Used Car Dealer) in the Tampa Bay area has been harassed over and over by Hubcapjoes. An eBay fan boy gone rogue. Hubcapjoes AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver doesn’t like to offer free shipping and loves to try and get people fired from their jobs.

Public Relations Director Running off Buyers