Psychological Projection Mental Condition of an eBay Seller

Psychological ProjectionPsychological projection is a mental condition or state of mind in order to deal with Difficult Feelings or Emotions living day to day such as the person we show you below.

eBay seller Hubcapjoes has trouble dealing with his emotions and feelings so he lashes out or bullies innocent people publicly by trying to get people to think his target is dangerous and that public safety is at risk when in fact, the mental state of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes may be in question due to his obsession with Charles w Fitch to the point where his life is consumed every single day with how to plot and peruse ways of discrediting Mr. Fitch and smearing his reputation with his employer using YouTube Videos. eBay’s Trust & Safety should be aware of this abusive seller’s online actions and it won’t be long before more people complain about Joseph De Marco. Google RipoffReport Hubcapjoes.


Audio of Hubcapjoes Going Crazy with his Gang Stalker Jason Decanio

While eBay seller Hubcapjoes may suffer from a paranoid delusion that his enemy is dangerous, the videos he puts out daily about Charles w Fitch on another YouTube channel show the mental state or Joseph DeMarco and him cyber stalking. Would you want to walk into this guy’s store and do business with him? There have been cases where customers have walked into his store to get a refund and he’s verbally abusive to them or yells at them to leave. Joseph DeMarco also sells out of another Thrift Store in the New Jersey area which is managed by a family member and also sells vehicles occasionally on eBay Motors. Many people have had issues with this man in person, they claim he’s scary and that they are afraid to deal with him.

Hubcapjoes caught bullying Using Other YouTubers

In this video Joseph De Marco AKA eBay seller Hubcapjoes uses abusive trolls like this guy in the above video to do his dirty work for him. He goes by the name Matthew Zolo that lives in Clifton New Jersey, this is also an abusive eBay seller that sells electronics and Apple Products on eBay and has co-conspired in gang stalking Charles w. Fitch, Keith Detwiler and Ed Koon victims speak out about eBay and get smeared by shills.

It’s a shame the eBay community has to carry this black eye for Hubcapjoes. Individuals like this wish to remain anonymous so that they can leave the scene once the damage is done, they are cowards that refuse to show their face, so no credibility can be given to them.

Hubcapjoes caught cyber stalking eBay Sellers

The Basics of Psychological Projection

This theory of psychological projection was created by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychologist commonly referred to as the “father of psychoanalysis.” Psychological projection is sometimes called “Freudian projection.” During his sessions with patients, Freud noticed that they would sometimes accuse others of having the same feelings they themselves were demonstrating. By engaging in this behavior, the patient was better able to deal with the emotions he or she was experiencing.

Psychological Projection not always Identifiable

Projection is not always as dramatic or as easily identifiable, however. An instance of projection that most people can relate to is when they come across someone they do not like, but are forced to interact with them on a somewhat-polite level. We know that Hubcapjoes doesn’t like eBay Inc or the people that run it, however attends the live events in order to use those people for his gain or benefit of getting rid of a critic.