Gang Stalking

Psychological Harassment and Organized Predatory Gang Stalking by eBay Inc

Psychological Harassment along with an eBay sanctioned Organized Predatory Gang Stalking operation being carried out by eBay sellers from YouTube channels like Crazeenydriver also known as Top eBay Seller Hubcapjoes a local Oradell, NJ businessman that has been harassing former eBay seller Charles w Fitch of Canton, MI #harassment at his home and workplace for over four years stalking his residence and posting abusive material on the internet. A current eBay employee recently told us that there’s a clandestine Psychological Harassment operation underway on Critic Charles Fitch that is supposed to be carried out by the eBay seller himself #stalker Joseph DeMarco and the help of some eBay employees like Scott Henshaw (PayPal and eBay Inc) LE Marketing New Business Development employee #bullying to get him unemployed from his workplace and placed into a mental health facility for a psychiatric evaluation. The insider wanted to remain anonymous and said that he’s out to protect Mr. Fitch from being further harmed but doesn’t have the authority to remove Joseph j DeMarco from selling at this time, and that Joseph J Demarco is actually being watched by eBay’s Legal department and Trust & Safety.

Predatory Gang Stalking

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The insider called it “Operation Fitch” which will consist of a timeline of events and duties that are to be carried out by Joseph De Marco which includes a barrage of things like Swatting, having people call his employer, submitting letters to his local police (false flag complaints), going after his registered firearm and 2nd Amendment rights, filling out magazine subscriptions, sending my neighbors mail about me, and trying to convince me (Charles Fitch) that I’m sending people emails about him. His other tactics include discrediting, belittling, menacing through further surveillance and financial harm. This image below shows the eBay/PayPal employee running the YouTube channel of Hubcapjoes. He’s the only one with access to the account from what we’re told.

Scott Henshaw

Hubcapjoes Abusive YouTube Rant Audio

The following was taken and used for evidence of Predatory Gang Stalking from an alternate YouTube channel owned by eBay seller Hubcapjoes. He is using a few people like Jason Paul Decanio, Jason Kelly (30JK) Blog Talk Radio, a person in Clifton, NJ and in the UK to author various abusive YouTube channels on his behalf to carry out this clandestine Psychological Harassment campaign on Charles Fitch aka eBay Critic eBayisajoke. Hubcapjoes is using the “Public Service Announcement” or Concerned Citizen angle in order to circumvent the policies on YouTube. We’ve also been told that someone at eBay is in contact with someone that works for YouTube to prevent the closure of the abusive seller’s main channel.

Effects of Predatory Gang Stalking

The effects of Psychological Harassment and Predatory Gang Stalking can often drive the victim to feel thoughts of depression, low self confidence, and little self-esteem. Apart from being physically hurt, they have to deal with the persistent dread of the next attack, which is almost certain to come unless intervention is sought. Victims may experience symptoms such as headaches, and anxiety attacks. Not only can bullying hurt the victim, but it is extremely unhealthy for the bully also. Bullies have a higher incidence of suicidal thoughts, and a feeling of having lower self-worth than others. They also suffer increased rates of depression and guilt. The bully’s aggressive behavior, if it is not modified or challenged, may be strengthened each time it achieves a quick and easy response by it’s victim. In the longer term, the bully’s aggression may become accepted as his/her normal way of relating to people. This way of relating to others who are less powerful can have serious long term consequences for the bully Joseph Demarco. Research in the UK has shown that 60% of adult bullies have had at least one run in with the law or someone bringing a type of litigation against them. In many cases the bully eventually commits suicide we can only hope right!

Predatory Gang Stalking – How to Fight Back

All targeted individuals are subjected to a barrage of criminal acts, some of which they may not be fully aware. If targets are true TIs, their phones WILL be tapped, their computers WILL be hacked, and their mail WILL be monitored. What can victims do to defend themselves, halt electronic predatory gang stalking and apprehend the cowardly perverts who carry it out, and punish them and their accomplices?

  • Remain Positive
  • Resist Depression
  • Do not engage private investigators
  • Be receptive to making new friends
  • Do not discuss the harassment with friends
  • Do not submit to a Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Stay in contact with family members and friends
  • Record and Document everything
  • Thwart the efforts of the handlers and defy them
  • Stay alert and submit written complaints to law enforcement
  • Maintain a normal lifestyle don’t be consumed by the situation

In 2014 an independent party that documented all of the eBay Internet Predator’s abuse also documented crimes of U.S. Mail fraud (Magazine Subscription Cards that came from New York), Notary fraud (Fake Notarized legal service documents that appear to come from eBay Inc), and just recently, a physical bodily threat by Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver himself threatening Charles Fitch Joseph Demarco said, “You’ll never see my face, Bang! Bang!”, a threat that led Charles Fitch to file a police complaint and notify New Jersey State Police. These articles on this website are posted for documentation purposes to let the eBay community know what’s going on, and to say that if other eBay sellers were abusing people off the platform, they would be shut down, however Joseph Demarco has stated that he is protected at eBay and his account is safe from being suspended.

Seller Critic Targeted by eBay Inc

If you have been targeted by eBay Inc please use the resources below to file your complaints expeditiously.

eBay Inc. License Filing Number 2871352
Registered Agent Information:
“The Corporation Trust Company”
Corporation Trust Center
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 658-7581
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Office of the City Attorney
Richard Doyle
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Ph: (408) 535-1900
Fx: (408) 998-3131

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