Properly Clean Hubcaps Tutorial For Hubcapjoes

Properly Clean Hubcaps

How to Properly Clean Hubcaps or used items before listing them on eBay is very important not only for positive feedback and DSR’s but to your seller reputation. It also shows that you have a sense of pride for the niche or category your selling in. Many small sellers wind up getting their accounts terminated for not providing Properly Clean Hubcaps, tested items or using a proper description within the listing. Top rated sellers will get away with just about everything so we have been watching an eBay Motors top rated seller by the name of Hubcapjoes for a long time now sell with impunity from all his constant listing violations. We have notified eBay on many occasions about the violations and they still allow him to continue hurting other sellers. He gets away with just about everything while small sellers in his category get the short end of the stick because they don’t do a large volume of sales like he does. Properly Clean Hubcaps, or cleaning your items before you ship them on eBay is called having responsibility for your business.

The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for” and that is so true with this seller. Why would I buy dirty used items from this seller when there are plenty of other sellers out there that take pride in their business. Hubcapjoes can’t even take the time to clean his hub caps before shipping them so he doesn’t have pride in what he sells. He gets away with poor item descriptions, 3-500% markups on his items, keyword spamming and much much more. Joseph DeMarco owns a brick and mortar store in Oradell, NJ trying to make his mark on society with hubscraps as his legacy, but he’s nothing but an ignorant sewer rat with no work ethic, plundering from the ePAY toilet. Just take a look at his twitter feed and you’ll see how professional this guy really is. Apparently he’s directing people from his twitter account to a website disclosing someone’s personal information. Isn’t this a violation of eBay’s trust and safety if this individual is a seller on eBay?

Joseph DeMarco also sells collectibles under various other unconfirmed accounts selling used vehicles, (lemon’s freshly squeezed), from his Brother’s car lot and sports memorabilia. Hubcapjoes uses the name Crazeenydriver on YouTube where he loves to make videos bashing eBay and PayPal every Friday about their policies since 2007 biting the hand that feeds him and they tollerate it. It won’t be long before they tell the rat to go home without the cheese.

Hubcapjoes gets his hub caps from junk yards around town but also gets them shipped to his house according to a video he produced on YouTube. If you’re a business you normally get your goods shipped to your business. Could this be an illegal operation? eBay should ask him to prove where he gets his merchandise by showing purchase agreements. Hubcapjoes touts how great a seller he is on eBay Motors but if you google him, you may think otherwise. If you buy hub caps online make sure you buy them from

Properly Clean Hubcaps Tutorial For Hubcapjoes


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