Proof eBay Inc Doesn’t Support Sellers

A friend shared this with me. She received a defect on an item broken by USPS she sold when a Customer filed an ‘item not as described’ via eBay, which eBay encourages buyers to do, even though it has a negative impact on the seller (no kidding – it was broken by USPS) – hence the seller received a defect She promptly refunded the buyers money Item sale WITH shipping $9.99 eBay’s CSR told her to use a different carrier in the future. UPS wanted $12.45 to ship the item & FedEx wanted $11.76 to ship the item. Are we the only one seeing anything wrong with this suggestion?

She wrote the office of the president at eBay – basically they told her they could not help her. They would not remove the defect because ebay holds her (seller) accountable for an unhappy customer that she had no control over, even though the customer received a full refund and left positive feedback. In other words, here is proof ebay does not care about the seller.

She had to send the letter twice before receiving a response. eBay went so far as to give her unsolicited advice on issues she did not ask for input on.
The office of the president has problems with grammar, spelling, and so forth, but you can figure it out as you read Below is the response from the office of the president – I removed personal information.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

As this has been a very frustrating situation for you I can completely understand why you’d like to see what we can do for you here, and would be happy to further assist. What I mean to say is we do hold all sellers accountable to the same standards, and these standards are in large part based on the customer service experience that the community is both wanting and expecting. As such I can assure you that our Top Rated Seller status is achievable and held by many sellers on the site.

The discount itself is something I would highly recommend not considering in a business plan when deciding on eBay being the correct place to sell. The reason I recommend this is because the discount is not part of the actual selling aspect of the site, but rather a reward for those who are able to keep up and achieve the goals set by the buying community. The goals are once again 100% based on the expectations of the community which is the part I’d really like to stress.

As for the defect in question, this one unfortunately isn’t something were willing to remove. The reason for this isn’t necessarily a direct reflection on you as a seller, but it does still in fact represent that there was an upset buyer. That’s exactly what the defects are here for, as based on our research each of these defects are the driving force behind possibly losing buyers from the site.

I know you don’t agree with the fact that we’ve recommended looking into another carrier, but at the same time this particular instance should either be a one off (meaning we don’t expect that it will happen enough to directly affect your seller performance rating) or a consistent experience in which we would expect you to find an alternative solution for. In this instance it seems that it’s the first case of a one off, which means that overall this isn’t and shouldn’t be your main focus in trying to understand why your account went below standards.

What I would recommend is reviewing the trends in your defects, or opportunities that might be presenting themselves.

I know this isn’t the direct answer that you were looking for, but I do hope it gives you a wider scope of what we’re looking for here at eBay. This is very much a big picture strategy to help improve your overall success on the site, and overall buyer satisfaction. Thank you again for contacting eBay’s Executive Office.

Name Removed
eBay’s Office of the President