eBayisajoke Reveals Private eBay Employee Emails from Google Search

employee emailsGoogle search results reveals some interesting information found by eBayisajoke. When he was searching the eBay Inc community forums and studying the URL’s used by Lithium Technology¬†he was able to Reveal Employee Emails to suspended sellers. eBayisajoke released this information on YouTube in an unscheduled podcast interview conducted by Doc of eBay Motors Sucks¬†so that suspended sellers could actually contact someone directly at eBay rather then waste their time with phone support customer service in another country.

Edward KoonLithium failed to remove employee search results through it’s robots.txt thus showing eBay employee community accounts and their private email addresses. After this article it will be interesting to see weather or not eBay Inc removes the URL’s from google search.

eBayisajoke AvatarIn the video below you’ll hear me describe to the listeners how to go about searching for these employee contact emails using a google search technique.


Google Search Reveals Employee Emails

employee emails

If you visit some of the accounts you can see what some of the employees are currently working on and all their comments to regular buyers and sellers. All threads posted or replied too by eBay employees will have a blue border around the thread and every eBay Employees will have a small blue icon next to their name. We even found Uncle Grief’s account:

employee emails

Some of the email address no longer work and could possibly be old employees that were terminated in 2013. Check their recent activity before you email them and please Do Not Abuse this Information, use it to get your account back. It also appears that many of the employees use the community forums to talk to other about changes they are making to the platform. Some only post once, and never post again or are not as active as others.