Preventing Car Buying Fraud on eBay Motors

Many people buy vehicles on sites like eBay Motors sight unseen and find out the hard way when they lose thousands of dollars from scammers listing too good to be true offers. The scammer will steal photos and vehicle information off the web then list a popular high end vehicle on eBay Motors as an auction listing waiting for people to bid on the vehicle so they can later have their deposits of money taken from their credit cards. eBay Motors still to this day invites car scam listings because they do nothing to remove the accounts or block the sellers because it’s about getting those final value fees.

eBay Inc in my opinion to this day in 2020 is still complicit in allowing high dollar money scams using title property on their platform or in eBay Motors allowing people to be defrauded out of their hard earned money like their sister site CarGiGi where they will once again steal money from people using an outside domain this time. If you see a vehicle on eBay Motors you might be interested in do your due diligence in researching the VIN number and CarFax reports before sending anyone money. A man by the name of the Car Doctor has been exposing eBay Purchase Protection Scams on eBay Motors for over 15 years. He was featured on local news in Florida as the first seller to ever sell a Rolls Royce on eBay back when there was no eBay Motors. Ed speaks in the video below on how to protect yourself from this eBay Scam known as Phishing.