How to Earn Big Pinterest Amazon Profits using Social Media

Pinterest Amazon ProfitsHow to earn big Pinterest Amazon Profits using social media to drive traffic to high converting best selling Amazon Associates items from Amazon associates. You can also use personal blogs and free websites to send search traffic for great monthly payouts. Charles w Fitch AKA Seller Critic, YouTube’s eBayisajoke shows you a how to promote a popular selling Amazon item for profit on Pinterest. You’ll want to search Amazon’s best selling items for ideas on what to promote but you can follow me. Also make sure you get the paperback book titled, The Super Simple Guide on how to Make a Killing Drop Shipping on Kindle.

Big Pinterest Amazon Profits

Electronics are a great category and can net you large profits. Watch my video below for my how to guide on promoting Pinterest images. I want to show you how to do things right! Follow me and I’ll lead you down the right path to making money.

Steps to Creating an Amazon Affiliate Pin:

    1. Log into your Amazon Associate account and visit the product that you wish to pin.
    2. Log into your pinterest account or create an account using the niche as your profile name.
    3. Install the Pinterest Pin Button in the Google Chrome Browser.
    4. Go to your Amazon item and click the pin button in Chrome to pin the item to the main pin area only.
    5. Go back to Amazon and click on “Text” from site-stripe get the short code for that item.
    6. Edit the Pin in Pinterest and change the URL to the Amazon shortcode url.
    7. Go back to your pin and now open it then click on “Promote”
    8. Start a $2-5 per day campaign for 30 days, and select a popular selling item on Amazon over $100 to earn money from!

I also recommend that you create a campaign to promote your item for at least 30 days. Use a campaign budget of $5 or less to promote the pin and make sure the product you promote will earn you back what you spend on your campaign. Test different images of your product to get the best result.

Pinterest Amazon Profits – How to Video